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Advancing Women Mentoring Program
Mentee Information and Registration

Mentee Registration for the 2013-2014 year is open and is due by September 6th.

Click here for registration.

Prior to registration, mentees must review mentor biographies and select 3-5 mentors they would be interested in working with this year. We will do all that we can to accommodate mentee requests, but being assigned to your top choice is not always possible.

  • Mentor Bios

    Name: Andrea Anderson

    About Me: I have worked on campus since 2002 and currently serve as the director of external affairs and special projects for the Division of Student Affairs. In my job, I oversee marketing and communications initiatives as well as manage a variety of special projects including overseeing the IUPUI mascots and cheerleaders. I live in Indianapolis with my husband, 4 year old son, 9 month old daughter, and an unruly Labrador Retriever. Between work and family obligations, I don’t have a great deal of free time but I do find time to volunteer as a national officer for my sorority, Phi Mu.

    Why I want to serve as a mentor: While in college, I had the good fortune of having a mentor who helped me navigate campus and develop as a woman and leader. I'd like to help someone do the same!

    Career Interests: Marketing, Communications, Fundraising, and Events

    What I'm hoping to gain from this experience: Helping a student navigate this campus, connect with opportunities, and balance the challenges of college.

    Personal interests: Cultural Events, Family & Friends, Music, Travel

    Name: Terri Bourus

    About Me: I am an Associate Professor of English Drama at IUPUI and General Editor/Director of The New Oxford Shakespeare Center on campus. I'm also the Founding Director of Hoosier Bard Productions. As a former actress and dancer, I developed theatre on this campus to help build a strong educational and creative theatre resource for students in the Humanities, but also for those in the Sciences. I publish widely on Shakespeare and the other Early Modern (16th and 17th Centuries) playwrights, including women writers (and their lives) under the reigns of Elizabeth I and James I. I am an eight-time award winning teacher. I was awarded the first Research Trailblazers Award at IUPUI for my ongoing research in the theatre and texts of Shakespeare's time.

    Why I want to serve as a mentor: I'm passionate about wanting women to succeed--to find their bliss--to prove to themselves that they can do more than they ever thought possible. I love to see women expanding their horizons and taking on the challenges that will serve them (and their families) in the best ways imaginable. I've been through three "careers" and have a family and I know how hard it can be--I believe that I can use my own experiences to help other women change their lives and discover their strengths inside--and the resources outside--that will help them.
    Career Interests: "Professor of English Drama, teacher and speaker at area high schools and theatres, Textual Critic, Theatre Critic, Director, actor, editor. I balance this work with my family of four. I have a PhD in Englsih Drama, but I have an undergraduate degree in Biology. I have a private pilot's license. I'm a mother and aunt of many!

    What I'm hoping to gain from this experience: To better serve the community by helping and advising women. It is my goal to make the world a better place for ALL women--not only in and from this country--but from the world. Empowering women is a Global initiative of the first degree. I would like to be a part of that.
    Personal interests: Art, Cultural Events, Cinema, Literature, Theater

    Name: Patricia Jordan

    About Me: I am Patricia Jordan. I am currently finishing up my graduate degree in Public Affairs and Philanthropic Studies. I work as a graduate assistant for the Olaniyan Scholars Program and at Goodwill Commercial Services as a Employee Resource Specialist. I have complete many different tasks within the university and in the community. My goal is to help students that are facing various challenges to overcome them and pay forward the information to others.

    Why I want to serve as a mentor: I would like to be a mentor in order to give back the help that I have received from mentors. I believe that in order for growth to take place a sharing of experience and knowledge can go a long way.

    Career Interests: Philanthropy- especially education

    What I'm hoping to gain from this experience: I hope to have some effect on a student.

    Personal interests: Cultural Events, Crafts, Exercise, Family & Friends, Fashion, Music
    Name: Huanmei Wu

    About Me: "Dr. Huanmei Wu is an Associate Professor at Purdue School of Engineering and Technology, Indiana University Purdue University (IUPUI), joint with School of Informatics, Indiana University. She also holds adjunct positions in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering @ School of Engineering and Technology, Department of Computer and Information Science @ School of Sciences, Department of Radiation Oncology @ Indiana University School of Medicine, and School of Health Sciences at Purdue University.

    Dr. Wu's expertise is multidisciplinary research, focusing on the application of the engineering principles and advanced technology to medical research. Her research topics cover database management, data mining, medical physics, radiation oncology, medical imaging processing, database security, biomedical science, digital forensics, pattern recognition, and others. Special focuses are on image guided cancer radiation treatment, scientific databases, and dynamic data management.

    Why I want to serve as a mentor: Share my experience as a female faculty, help female students, and guide students for research
    Career Interests: "Research areas:
    1. Dynamic data management and data mining:
    (1.1) Subsequence similarity matching over dynamic stream data and its applications;
    (1.2) Processing, analysis, modeling, and prediction of tumor respiratory motion, induced by patient breathing during treatment delivery.
    2. Image guided cancer radiation treatment (IGRT)
    (2.1) Real-time tumor motion monitoring with image guidance;
    (2.2) Treatment verification and intervention based on tracking tumor motion signals and/or images;
    (2.3) CyberKnife motion data analysis, internal/external correlation, and treatment margin optimization;
    (2.4) Dynamic gated cancer radiation treatment, such as gating using dynamic multi-leaf collimator;
    (2.5) Interplay effects between tumor respiratory motion and beam delivery techniques in proton radiotherapy.
    (2.6) Treatment planning for small field intensity modulated radiation treatment (IMRT)
    3. Scientific database design and management:
    (3.1) Web image database
    (3.2) Cancer tissue bank management
    (3.3) Medical error detection from medical database
    (3.4) Integrated security for healthcare data with Database security, network security, and forensics security.
    4. Medical Imaging and signal processing:
    (4.1) Imaging or signal acquisition error detection and recovery in real-time
    (4.2) Real-time pattern recognition and machine learning over time series data
    (4.3) Deformable time resolved 3D image registration and its biomedical applications."

    What I'm hoping to gain from this experience: - Mentoring experience. Improved understanding of different requirements from students
    Personal interests: Science, Technology, Research

    Name: Laura Asbury

    About Me: I learn best through discussing and experiencing. Therefore, I have tried out several career paths including marketing, film production, politics, advising, and teaching. My academic interests are also broad and have been strengthened by liberal arts programs at the University of Illinois and Indiana University. While I hold degrees in psychology and communication, my majors and interest areas span cinema studies, American history, cultural studies, higher education, and gender studies. Currently, I am an academic advisor and associate faculty member for the School of Public and Environmental Affairs and look to begin a PhD program in the near future. Growing up near both St. Louis and Chicago solidified my passion for the arts. I enjoy wandering museums, watching and discussing films, and listening to every genre of music in Bloomington (my current residence) and Indianapolis.

    Why I want to serve as a mentor:
    It is important for women to help one another. Although evolution has taught us to compete, women have an endless capacity to strengthen and uplift one another. However, not every woman knows all of the opportunities that are open to her to enhance her career path and advance her personal goals. I would like to serve as a mentor to focus my attention on strengthening, uplifting, and revealing opportunities to a young woman at IUPUI. In my current position, I am able to advise and have brief conversations with young women about their aspirations. However, a yearlong mentoring position would allow me to assist one student to a much more impactful extent.

    Career Interests: Higher Education (advising, teaching, administration); Film (preservation, exhibition, curation, production, critical analysis, academic study); Marketing; Publishing; Politics

    What I'm hoping to gain from this experience: I am hoping to not only assist a student in reflecting on her goals, but also to use our conversations to think more deeply about my own. As I have majored in and studied topics that are not necessarily directly related to a specific career, discussions with others about my career path have helped me map my goals in a more coherent way. While I hope to assist my mentee in her pursuits, I am aware that I will most likely gain just as much from our relationship.
    Personal interests: Art, Cultural Events, Cinema, Crafts, Exercise, Family & Friends, Fashion, Literature, Music, Outdoor Activities, Science, Theater, Travel

    Name: Theresa Rohr-Kirchgraber, MD

    About Me: "My titles: Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine and Pediatrics
    Executive Director, IU National Center of Excellence in Women’s Health and Chief Physician Executive, IU COE in Women’s Health at Wishard

    Also,a member of the PREP ADOLESCENT MEDICINE ADVISORY BOARD I writes questions for board review and am the National Public Radio Sound Medicine, Health and Wellness Expert.

    Born and raised in Southern California, Cal State University Long Beach-BA Chemistry, Cornell University College of Medicine-MD and residency in IM was completed at University Hospitals of Cleveland.

    Board Certified in Adolescent and Internal Medicine I practice at Riley, Wishard, and the Charis Center for Eating Disorders.

    Married and have three kids...who have turned out pretty well!!

    Why I want to serve as a mentor: Have been on faculty for different medical schools and am active in organized medical groups and recognize that I am here because I had help, lots of help! Need to pay it back.

    Career Interests: Internal Medicine, Adolescent Medicine, Wellness and Prevention, Women's Health, Nutrition

    What I'm hoping to gain from this experience: My kids pretty much think this all came easy and I get no "kudos" from them! I love talking to students and helping them figure out how to get their life long passion started.

    Personal interests: Cinema, Exercise, Family & Friends, Outdoor Activities, Sports, Travel

    Name: Chad Ahren

    About Me: I serve as the Director of OSI and am committed to development of students and social justice, both of which play a large part in a women's mentoring program. I have worked to create equitable environments in my career by identifying and rejecting/overhauling traditional processes/structures/assumptions that disenfranchise or disadvantage women. As father of two girls I have embarked on this same kind of journey in my personal life as well.

    Why I want to serve as a mentor: Though of course I do not identify as a woman, I do think I can identify issues that are important to women and assist in critique of biased systems, including advising how to navigate these systems successfully. I also believe I can be of service in processing experiences and helping to determine next steps in reaching a range of goals.

    Career Interests: Student engagement, involvement, leadership, social justice, fraternities and sororities, civic engagement, community service.

    What I'm hoping to gain from this experience: I hope to be of service to our students in many ways, and given my beliefs and values orientation I think I can do so in a valuable way here. I derive a good deal of satisfaction believing I have been of service in direct ways such as this opportunity would allow.

    Personal interests: Cinema, Exercise, Family & Friends, Music, Outdoor Activities
    Name: Gail Barksdale

    About Me:
    I currently serve as an associate director of athletics and SWA in the department of athletics. I've only been with IUPUI for a month, but I've worked in the athletic indusrty for over 15 years. In this role, I oversee several of our sport programs and administrative units.

    Why I want to serve as a mentor:
    I enjoy and feel it is my responsibility to help our young people to become the best that they can be professionally as well as personally.

    Career Interests:
    Collegiate and professional sport administration

    What I'm hoping to gain from this experience:
    The joy of making a difference in someone's life.

    Personal interests:
    Cultural Events, Sports, Music, Working Out, Movies, Volunteerism, Shopping, Outdoor Activities, Family & Friends, Traveling
    Name: Kimmaree Murday
    About Me: I’m originally from the Washington DC area; I went to college in Virginia and then worked in social services for two years. I then started graduate school in New York, but transferred to Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh soon after. I thought switching programs was difficult, but then I began having severe back pain. I had to almost completely drop out of school for a year before I was able to return, and I’ve dealt with chronic pain ever since. The good side is that I’ve learned that balance in life is absolutely essential: you can’t ignore your physical and social needs while you’re in school. I was a full-time faculty member in Spanish for 7 years, and then decided to change to UITS to pursue my interests in learning and technology. I still occasionally teach Spanish as an associate faculty member but now my full-time job is with IT Training.

    Why I want to serve as a mentor: I have had several mentors, both formally and informally, and their advice has been invaluable. I know firsthand how important it is to get multiple perspectives on different situations, and while I can’t personally provide all of the advice someone might need, my life experiences have given me some wisdom that I am happy to share. We all have to make mistakes in order to learn, but sometimes another person can help us see a way forward when everything seems hopeless.

    Career Interests: My training is in applied linguistics (Second Language Acquisition), and I have taught Spanish for 16 years. I am fascinated with languages and dialects, and how we communicate. In addition, I have always been interested in computers, technology, and mathematics. My current career specialization is technology in teaching and learning, and I am thrilled to be a part of the IUPUI’s IT group (UITS) at a school where innovation is encouraged.

    What I'm hoping to gain from this experience: I learn so much from listening to others talk about their experiences. I have great admiration for the student population at IUPUI; they are more likely to have multiple responsibilities to juggle than a more “typical” high school graduate, and yet they are making their education a priority. In addition, I gain so much from talking to people who don’t live in same the tech-centric world that I work in, where everyone has the latest gadget and upgrade. I think it’s critical for those of us working with technology in education to see the variety of ways that others use it in order to make things work for everyone.

    Personal interests: Art, Cultural Events, Cinema, Crafts, Exercise, Family & Friends, Literature, Music, Outdoor Activities, Science, Technology, Travel
    Name: Rachel Edwards

    About Me: Graduated from IUPUI in 2011 with a Psych BA. Pursuing MS in Adult Education with a Higher Education Focus Area. Graduate Programs Assistant for the Kelley School of Business. Newly married and a new mom to a wonderful baby boy. I love ballroom dancing and shopping.

    Why I want to serve as a mentor: Excited to mentor and encourage young women through the journey that I myself made. Education is very important and with the right support it is possible to achieve your goals.

    Career Interests: Psychology, Admissions/Advising, Higher Education, Diversity

    What I'm hoping to gain from this experience: I am hoping to have a positive impact on someone else. That would be the biggest reward for me.

    Personal interests: Crafts, Family & Friends, Fashion, Dance
    Name: Rebecca Stout

    About Me: I am a full time faculty member in the Radiologic and Imaging Science Program. I teach in the classroom and in the clinical setting. I support and mentor our class representatives. And I also oversee the mentoring program we just started within our program.

    Why I want to serve as a mentor: I am new to IUPUI, but not to mentoring. I have studied mentoring and it's effects on education in the clinical setting. I have started a mentoring program between our first and second years within our radiography program. Having the right mentor is very important to a successful mentoring relationship and having the opportunity to be mentored is vital to ones success. I am a friendly and caring person. I have had some wonderful mentors along the way and I would love to give back all that I have received.

    Career Interests: I am a Registered Radiologic Technologist. Areas I am comfortable in is medical. Before coming to IUPUI, I worked as a department educator. I was involved in their mentoring program where we had nurses, rad techs and respiratory therapists.

    What I'm hoping to gain from this experience: I am hoping to gain some new ideas to use on our mentoring program with our students and to watch my mentee succeed in the career of thier choice!! Watching my students graduate is amazing, but knowing that they are succeeding in their careers is even more rewarding then words can describe.

    Personal interests: Exercise, Family & Friends, Fashion, Music, Sports, Theater, Travel
    Name: Linda Wardhammar

    About Me: I have a Bachelor’s degree in International Business and a Master’s degree in College Student Personnel. It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up; I had no idea when I graduated from college. My professional experiences include over 20 years in student affairs administration and 7 years in not-for-profit administration. Currently I serve as the Associate Director for the Campus Center. Some of my favorite job projects are strategic planning, analyzing processes and procedures, organizational development, working with student leaders, corporate branding, and writing/editing. I enjoy being part of a team working toward common goals. I have been in positions where I’m the person at the top of the organizational chart, worked part-time in retail, and a lot of different things in between. I think my best role is as the right-hand person to the person who is ultimately in charge.

    Why I want to serve as a mentor: I would like to serve as a mentor so that I can be of assistance to a young woman who is exploring various decisions as she makes her way through college, helping her identify resources and make decisions. I have had some amazing mentors in my life, so I want to be a mentor to somebody else.

    Career Interests: See above.

    What I'm hoping to gain from this experience: I am looking forward to getting to know additional students and giving back.

    Personal interests: Family & Friends, Sports, TV, gardening (not vegetables, but flowers, yard, etc.)
    Name: Cybil Nielsen

    About Me: I graduated from college in 1996 and quickly learned the value of networking in my career. I volunteered for as much as I could, which led to multiple opportunities. I became president of my national professional society in 2009. In that role, I was able to travel to many states and even several other countries doing presentations and meeting people.
    I was a single mother while attending college. I understood the importance of hard work and perseverance and am fortunate to realize the rewards of that now. I enjoy playing tennis and making things (sewing and crochet). I also enjoy traveling and exploring new places. My son is now grown and I live with my husband and two cats.

    Career Interests: Nuclear Medicine Technologist (Allied Health)--I worked as a technologist, manager, educator and consultant.

    Personal interests: Crafts, Exercise, Outdoor Activities, Sports, Technology, Travel
    Name: Jill Vanderwall

    About Me: Indiana University, Indianapolis, Indiana
    M.S.- Education, School Counseling

    Hope College, Holland, Michigan
    B.A.- Psychology Major, Management Minor

    I am a passionate career professional with experience working with a diverse group of students in higher education. I am currently the Experiential Learning Coordinator and run the Externship Program and Alumni Mentor Database at IUPUI. I am always looking for new and innovative ways to reach students and help them better understand who they are and where they fit into the world of work.

    I have worked in Career Development for about 6 years and enjoy leadership roles I hold at the state level and on campus. I would love to work with a student interested in improving their professional image and thinking long-term about their career goals."

    Why I want to serve as a mentor: I love students! That is why I chose working in a college when my career plans took a right turn my last semester of college. A mentee will find I am a very open person and willing to share industry and professional information freely. So many of my friends look back and wish they had a mentor as a young person and my goal is to try to be that mentor for young people today.

    Career Interests: Higher Education, Career Development, Professional Involvement

    What I'm hoping to gain from this experience: I hope to make a connection with a student and help them realize a bit more about who they are and what that means for their future career and professional goals (and work life balance)!

    Personal interests: Crafts, Exercise, Family & Friends, Theater, Technology, Travel
    Name: Emily Werner

    About Me: I am currently the Coordinator of Health & Wellness Initiatives for Student Health Services and the Division of Student Affairs IUPUI. I focus on prevention outreach and programming for students. I have a master's in College Student Development and Counseling from Northeastern University in Boston, MA and a bachelor's in History from the University of Evansville in Evansville, IN. My work experience has been primarily in Housing & Residence Life as well as Health Education & Health Promotion. I am married with two beautiful girls ages 2 1/2 and 4 1/2.

    Why I want to serve as a mentor: I am looking forward to making connections with students and giving back to the IUPUI community. I have been wanting to volunteer more but haven't had the chance. The Advancing Women Mentor Program could provide a perfect volunteer opportunity.

    Career Interests: "Higher Education & Student Affairs; Health Education & Health Promotion; Social Media in Higher Education; Event Planning & Programming

    What I'm hoping to gain from this experience: I am looking forward to making connections with students and giving back to the IUPUI community. I have been wanting to volunteer more but haven't had the chance. The Advancing Women Mentor Program could provide a perfect volunteer opportunity.

    Personal interests: Crafts, Exercise, Family & Friends, Outdoor Activities, Sports

    Name: Margo Foreman

    About Me: Margo has been an employee at IUPUI since 1998. Currently she works for the IIUPUI Office of Equal Opportunity as an Asst. Dir. of Diverse Workforce Recruitment and Retention and is a Certified Affirmative Action Professional and Conflict Resolution Mediator. The scope of her work includes recruitment and investigating EEO complaints of discrimination and harassment, facilitating ADA accommodation request, and delivering training sessions to the campus community on issues of EEO compliance, diversity in the workplace, and cultural competency. Margo’s commitment to helping the university create an inclusive environment for students, faculty, and staff goes her daily duties. She is highly involved in a number of campus organizations, projects, and councils that promote equity, inclusiveness, and success for diverse individuals on campus.

    Along with receiving her B.S. in Business Administration and Computer Science from Kent State University, B.S. in Health Administration from IUPUI, she Masters in Public Health Program.

    Why I want to serve as a mentor: I believe it is important to share in the support of our students especially women

    Career Interests: OEO/HRA; Public Health; Diversity/Social Justice Training; Mediation

    What I'm hoping to gain from this experience: How to assess what type of guidance is required or appreciated by women as they move through the academy.

    Personal interests: Art, Cultural Events, Cinema, Family & Friends, Fashion, Literature, Music, Outdoor Activities, Theater, Travel
    Name: Brittany Gleitsman

    About Me: Hello! My name is Brittany Gleitsman and I am the Recruitment and Scholarship Coordinator for the Kelley School of Business here at IUPUI. It is my job to recruit students from all over the Midwest to attend Kelley and help them make the right choice for their college experience. I also manage all of the Kelley scholarships and am the advisor for the Kelley School of Business Indianapolis Student Government. I am from Los Angeles, California, and currently hold a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and another in Hospitality Management from the University of South Florida. I have completed a Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Management and am starting my Masters of Science in Marketing/MBA at Kelley this fall. Aside from business I am interested in social justice, sustainability, travel, social media, technology, music, and the arts. It is my desire to help others and lead students to succeed in what they are passionate about.

    Why I want to serve as a mentor: I would like to serve as a mentor because I think it is important to have someone to guide you through your college experience. I enjoy helping others find what they are passionate about and how to succeed in doing what they love. While I was in college I took advantage of all of the resources and organizations my school had to offer, and I can honestly say the skills I learned then help me to this day. I understand the hardships that college students face, and want to make sure they know someone is there for them.

    Career Interests: While I focus on recruitment, scholarships, and student affairs, I also work heavily in marketing and communications here at IUPUI. My interests are in business, technology, social media marketing, publications, copy writing, travel, public speaking, non-profits, community service, and education. What I'm hoping to gain from this experience: I am hoping to help a student/students grow into their full potential. I would like to help guide them in the direction of their dreams and remind them that it is important to do what you love and work hard at it. I also believe I will gain just as much from my mentees and the other mentors in the program. I have only been at IUPUI a year, and would be greatful to network with other people that are interested in helping others.

    Personal interests: Art, Cultural Events, Cinema, Family & Friends, Fashion, Literature, Music, Outdoor Activities, Sports, Technology, Travel
    Name: Jane Williams

    About Me: I am a faculty member in the Psychology Department and have been at IUPUI for 18 years. My area of training is Industrial/Organizational Training and specifically I focus on Performance Management and issues related to employee reactions/attitudes toward HR systems.

    I am married with 3 children under the age of 12 - so have lots of experience balancing multiple roles.

    Why I want to serve as a mentor: I think this is a worthy program and the development of women is something I fully support so want to act on my values.

    What I'm hoping to gain from this experience: I would simply like to be a resource for a student.

    Personal interests: Literature, Sports

  • Information for Mentees
  • Who can particiate as a mentee?

    Any undergraduate student currently enrolled in IUPUI with an interest in the topic is invited to participate. First year, second year, and transfer students may find this program most beneficial.

    How can I benefit from this program?

    •  Increased awareness of campus resources at IUPUI.
    • Opportunity to collaborate with faculty and staff on the IUPUI campus.
    • Building community and networking with other mentees/mentors who are part of the program.
    • Development of leadership skills such as communication strategies, goal setting, time management, and leading with confidence.
    • Development of personal vision and career aspirations.
    • Discovery and reflection on personal strengths through assessment.
  • How will I be matched with my mentor/mentee?

    Great question. All mentors (IUPUI Faculty/Staff) will be asked to complete a brief biography about themselves. These bios will be posted to the Advancing Women Mentoring Program website. Prior to registration, please review these bios. When you register for the program, please select a few mentors you would be interested in being paired with. We will do our best to accommodate your requests. You will be notified about your mentor prior to the September kickoff.

  • What happens if my mentor/mentee pairing does not work out?

    While it is our hope that all mentor/mentee pairings are good fits, we understand that there may be circumstances where a pairing does not work out. If this is the case, a mentor or mentee should contact either of the Office of Student Involvement or the Office for Women.

  • What kinds of topics will be covered?
    • Educational and career-related goal setting
    • Exploration of personal strengths
    • Communication strategies including understanding variances in communication styles among men and women, communication skills, and proper etiquette
    • Leadership Development
    • Time management and creating a positive work/life balance
    • Presenting yourself professionally
    • Developing confidence and ambition
    • Gender equality in higher education and the workplace
  • How does addressing the above topics relate to the idea of "Advancing Women"?

    One purpose of this program is to educate participants about various topics such as gender roles, inequality, and women in culture and society. However, simply increasing one's awareness is not enough. However the other purpose of this program is to provide students with the tools necessary to be successful in their personal, academic, and professional lives. It is our hope that by developing things such as leadership, communication, and career skills in addition to confidence and ambition, participants become empowered to respond to these issues.

  • What's the time commitment?

    Both mentors and mentees will need to be able to attend the kick-off event where they will meet with their potential mentee/mentor pairings. How frequently you meet throughout the school year is up to each mentor/mentee. We recommend that you consider meeting at least once every few weeks. Setting up a regular breakfast or lunch meeting is a great way to plan around schedules and develop a routine pattern of meeting together. In addition, mentors/mentees are highly encouraged to attend programming and events offered by the Office for Women at various points throughout the year.

  • What is my role?

    As a mentee, your role is to be an active participant in the program by regularly meeting with your mentor and by engaging in the program. It is also important that you know the role of your mentor. Mentors are not substitute parents or licensed psychologists. They are also not expected to be an expert on your major or intended career. However, mentors are there to guide you by offering advice and suggestions. Furthermore, we expect both mentors and mentees to be authentic in their meetings with each other meaning that both should be honest, real, and genuine in their engagement.

  • Is the program only for women students?

    No. While the content of the program specifically addresses issues pertaining to the advancement of women, it is open to all students, faculty, and staff with an interest in the topic.