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Advancing Women Mentoring Program
Mentee Information and Registration

Mentee Registration will be available until September 15th, 2014

Prior to registration, mentees must review mentor biographies and select 3-5 mentors they would be interested in working with this year. We will do all that we can to accommodate mentee requests, but being assigned to your top choice is not always possible.

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Mentor bios

  • Ashley Dorris

    About me: I am the Coordinator for Leadership and NPHC Programs. My personal interests include: music (all kinds), sports, movies, art, and fun. My professional interests are leadership development, fraternity and sorority life, academic advising, and new student/transition programs.

    Why I want to serve as mentor: I have had amazing mentors in my life that have guided me though many tough situations and decisions. I do not think that I would be where I am now without such influential people in my life. I would like to provide that type of support for current students.

    What I am hoping to gain from this experience: Just knowing that I am making a difference in a student's life is gain enough. I think that mentors also learn a lot about themselves in the process of mentoring. I hope to develop my skills in helping and advising, as well as get to know an amazing student.

    Personal interests: Cultural Events, Sports, Music, Movies, Volunteerism, Travel, Family & Friends

    Career interests/Areas of specialization: My professional interests are leadership development, fraternity and sorority life, academic advising, and new student/transition programs (Orientation).

  • Theresa Rohr-Kirchgraber

    About Me: Theresa Rohr-Kirchgraber, MD is an Associate Professor of Medicine and Pediatrics Executive Director, IU National Center of Excellence in Women’s Health Chief Physician Executive, Eskenazi Health Outpatient Care Center Primary Care and the Center of Excellence for Women’s Health Sound Medicine, National Public Radio, Health and Wellness Expert. Born and raised in Southern California she completed her education at California State University Long Beach-BA Chemistry Attended Cornell University College of Medicine and her residency in Internal Medicine was completed at University Hospitals of Cleveland Board Certified in Adolescent and Internal Medicine. She focuses on Primary Care, Care of Childhood Cancer Survivors, Eating Disorders in Adults, and Health and Wellness Publications
    Rohr-Kirchgraber T, Rouse, M Eating Disorders, Handbook of Women’s Health, ACP, 2009, 449-455.
    Welch, J, Rohr-Kirchgraber T., Gender Diversity Milestones in Medicine, Reflections IUSM
    Rohr-Kirchgraber T., “These Muscle Cramps Are Holding Me Back!” A 14-Year-Old Star Basketball Player With Muscle Cramps, Adolescent Med 23 (2012) 307–312
    Rohr-Kirchgraber T., Nabhan Z. M., New Rash Adolescent Med 23 (2012) 319–325
    Rohr-Kirchgraber T., Multiple Visits for Abdominal Pain, Constipation, and “I need a test for sexually transmitted diseases” Adolescent Med 23 (2012) 313–318

    Why I want to serve as mentor: I enjoy being helpful to potential colleagues!

    What I am hoping to gain from this experience: Successful students.

    Personal interests: Reading, Travel, Working Out, and Sports

    Cultural Events/Career interests/Areas of specialization: Internal Medicine/Adolescent Medicine

    Additional information you would like us to know: Married, 3 kids, enjoying life.

  • Denise Brown

    About Me: I am an instructor for technology workshops offered by IT Training. My background is elementary school teaching. I taught many different grades throughout my 25 years of teaching.

    Why I want to serve as mentor: I enjoy meeting new people and especially love helping someone to accomplish their goals.

    What I am hoping to gain from this experience: I am hoping to create new relationships that will be positive in its result.

    Personal interests: Cultural Events, Sports, Music, Working Out, Movies, Volunteerism, Shopping, Outdoor Activities, Travel, Reading, and Family & Friends

    Career interests/Areas of specialization: I have a minor in Special Education.

    Any additional information you would like us to know: I enjoy crafts of all kinds.

  • Kathleen (Kathy) Hursh

    About Me: I am the Assistant Director of Career Services in SPEA at IUPUI. I have been at IUPUI for about 7 years and have been active on campus in quite a few areas. Prior to that I was the Intern Director for the State Senate. I enjoy the performing arts and cycling, although I am not a super star in either of these areas, I just like them. In the past, I have been a leader on various boards and have always enjoyed civic engagement. I have stepped back and have relished being on a committee rather than leading it for the time being. I have currently just taken a leadership role for an event for a nonprofit (Indy Reads).

    Why I want to serve as mentor: I think this is an important arena to participate and possibly play it forward. I hope to be able to assist in some way and perhaps serve as a sounding board.

    What I am hoping to gain from this experience: I think it will be interesting to get to know a new person and perhaps offer some guidance or just a different perspective.

    Personal interests: Family & Friends, Reading, Travel, Outdoor Activities, Volunteerism, Working Out, Music, Cultural Events

    Career interests/Areas of specialization: Career Services - Resumes, Cover Letters and Interview Skills

  • Lisa Viaches

    About Me: I work for the Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy as the Manager of Corporate and Foundation Relations. I have 10 years of experience in nonprofit development and have worked for several causes including animal welfare, arts and culture, education, social services, etc.

    Why I want to serve as mentor: I'd like to serve as a resource for a student and as someone to support and talk through their goals.

    What I am hoping to gain from this experience: I hope to get to know a mentee and learn about their interests and help them to find ways to reach their goals and have meaningful experiences.

    Personal interests: Cultural Events, Sports, Music, Working Out, Volunteerism, Shopping, Outdoor Activities,Travel, Family & Friends

    Career interests/Areas of specialization: Nonprofit Development

  • Katie Prine

    About Me: I am the Associate Director of Development for the Lilly Family School of Philanthropy and have served in development for almost a decade. I currently live in Johnson County with my husband and two children (8 yrs and 4yrs). We have started a huge garden and raising our own chickens to provide food for our family. I am very interested in our food system and being able to provide for all in our communities. I am also involved as a volunteer at my church as the teen teacher each week.

    Why I want to serve as mentor: I want to serve as a mentor because I think it is important to talk to others about what they want to achieve and see if I can help them figure out a way to achieve it. I have learned a lot by listening to others and always appreciated my own mentors in my life.

    What I am hoping to gain from this experience: I always enjoy seeing life through another person's eyes and learning through their experiences. I hope to gain more life experience and the joy of seeing someone else grow.

    Personal interests: Family & Friends, Travel, Outdoor Activities, Movies, Music

    Career interests/Areas of specialization: Philanthropy, Development, Fundraising

  • Amie Gallegos

    About Me: I am interested in serving others by sharing my life story, previous experiences and mistakes. My career goal is to be a bilingual physical therapist for children. I would love to be able to volunteer overseas for a couple months, especially India, and Central America. I am passionate about creating intentional relationships, relationships that are genuine and depth. To provide a safe place for someone to be known.

    Why I want to serve as mentor: I want to serve as a mentor because I want to use my life as an example, to share my mistakes so that someone else can learn from mine, and not have to repeat them. Also to allow someone else to walk through those choices with someone else, and not alone.

    What I am hoping to gain from this experience: I am hoping to gain genuine relationships, and to grow as a person.

    Personal interests: Family & Friends, Reading, Travel, Outdoor Activities, Volunteerism, Movies, Working Out, Music, Sports, and Salsa dancing

    Career interests/Areas of specialization: Pediatric Physical Therapist

    Additional Information: I love Spanish and the Spanish culture.

  • Brenda Blacklock

    About Me: I am a Senior Lecturer in the Dept. of Chemistry and Chemical Biology and teach mainly biochemistry courses. My research interests are in the field of lipid and natural product metabolism where we use biochemical, molecular biology, and analytical chemistry techniques. I am a co-director of a program that provides an intensive undergraduate research and mentoring experiences to members of under-represented minorities with the goal of increasing the diversity of research graduate degree holders in the biological sciences.

    Why I want to serve as mentor: I have benefited from advice from a number of mentors throughout my education and career and want to help women who are starting out on their own journey.

    What I am hoping to gain from this experience: I believe that mentees have a lot to teach their mentors and I look forward to getting to know, and learn from, a mentee.

    Personal Interests: Cultural Events, Working Out, Outdoor Activities, Travel, and Reading

    Career interests/Areas of specialization: Lipid biochemistry

  • Christine Fitzpatrick

    About Me: I presently serve as chief of staff to IUPUI Executive Vice Chancellor. Previously, I have enjoyed 30 years at IUPUI in administrative roles within the School of Engineering and Technology, UITS, and a community engagement role with the IUPUI Solution Center. I have served as an associate faculty member in the schools of Engineering & Technology, Informatics & Computing, and Education at IUPUI. My educational background includes a doctorate in instructional systems technology from IU and master’s and bachelor’s degrees in English from Ball State University. I am interested in science, technology, communication, and maximizing human potential. Organizations I am involved with include TechPoint Foundation for Youth, National Alliance for Mental Illness (NAMI), and my community's United Methodist Church. My personal and professional goals are to make positive contributions to the organizations with which I am affiliated and the people they serve. . . and to live a year by the ocean (any ocean) one day.

    Why I want to serve as mentor: Having benefited as a mentee over the years, I welcome the opportunity to give back, in some small way, to someone else. I welcome the training available to mentors in this program, and would like to do my part to help a student have an enriching, engaging experience while participating in this program.

    What I am hoping to gain from this experience: I am always looking for ways to grow and improve as a person and a professional. Mostly, however, I hope to get to know a student who shares an interest in personal/professional development as a participant in this program.

    Personal interests: Cultural Events, Music, Movies, Volunteerism,Travel, Reading, Family & Friends, and Writing/journaling and (a remnant of my undergraduate minor in home economics) sewing!

    Career interests/Areas of specialization: Business and technical communication; organizational leadership; instructional design; information technology

  • Merri Beth Lavagnino

    About Me: Merri Beth Lavagnino has 30 years of experience working in higher education in medium and large universities, both public and private, and a regional consortium. She has worked in a variety of roles including support staff, faculty, and administrator; and in many disciplines including libraries, information technology, learning technology, security, policy, privacy, compliance, and risk. Currently at IU, she serves as Chief Risk Officer and is responsible for managing the Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) program for all seven IU campuses. In addition to her Bachelor of Education and Master of Library Science degrees, Merri Beth is a Certified Compliance & Ethics Professional (CCEP), Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP/US, CIPP/IT) and is trained in the Department of Homeland Security's Incident Command System (100, 200, 700, 800, 300, & 400). She enjoys contributing to the profession through speaking, teaching, writing, and service activities both locally and nationally.
    For more detail, see http://protect.iu.edu/mbl.

    Why I want to serve as mentor: I have enjoyed a successful and varied career due to the mentoring of many fine women and men, and I'd like to help others as they helped me.

    What I am hoping to gain from this experience: I would very much enjoy looking at the world through a new, fresh set of eyes! Also, I don't get to work with students directly in my current position, so I would especially like to connect with and learn more about the challenges and opportunities our students experience at IU. I know this will help me in my job as well as in my personal life

    Personal interests: Volunteerism, Outdoor Activities, Travel, Reading, Family & Friends, and Children

    Career interests/Areas of specialization: Many disciplines including education, libraries, information technology, learning technology, security, policy, privacy, compliance, and risk.

  • Chad Ahren

    About Me: I serve as the Director of OSI and am committed to development of students and social justice, both of which play a large part in a women's mentoring program. I have worked to create equitable environments in my career by identifying and rejecting/overhauling traditional processes/structures/assumptions that disenfranchise or disadvantage women. As father of two girls I have embarked on this same kind of journey in my personal life as well.

    Why I want to serve as a mentor: Though of course I do not identify as a woman, I do think I can identify issues that are important to women and assist in critique of biased systems, including advising how to navigate these systems successfully. I also believe I can be of service in processing experiences and helping to determine next steps in reaching a range of goals.

    Career Interests: Student engagement, involvement, leadership, social justice, fraternities and sororities, civic engagement, community service.

    What I'm hoping to gain from this experience: I hope to be of service to our students in many ways, and given my beliefs and values orientation I think I can do so in a valuable way here. I derive a good deal of satisfaction believing I have been of service in direct ways such as this opportunity would allow.

    Personal interests: Cinema, Exercise, Family & Friends, Music, Outdoor Activities

  • Margo Foreman

    About Me: Margo has been an employee at IUPUI since 1998. Currently she works for the IIUPUI Office of Equal Opportunity as an Asst. Dir. of Diverse Workforce Recruitment and Retention and is a Certified Affirmative Action Professional and Conflict Resolution Mediator. The scope of her work includes recruitment and investigating EEO complaints of discrimination and harassment, facilitating ADA accommodation request, and delivering training sessions to the campus community on issues of EEO compliance, diversity in the workplace, and cultural competency. Margo’s commitment to helping the university create an inclusive environment for students, faculty, and staff goes her daily duties. She is highly involved in a number of campus organizations, projects, and councils that promote equity, inclusiveness, and success for diverse individuals on campus.

    Along with receiving her B.S. in Business Administration and Computer Science from Kent State University, B.S. in Health Administration from IUPUI, she Masters in Public Health Program.

    Why I want to serve as a mentor: I believe it is important to share in the support of our students especially women

    Career Interests: OEO/HRA; Public Health; Diversity/Social Justice Training; Mediation

    What I'm hoping to gain from this experience: How to assess what type of guidance is required or appreciated by women as they move through the academy.

    Personal interests: Art, Cultural Events, Cinema, Family & Friends, Fashion, Literature, Music, Outdoor Activities, Theater, Travel

  • Liz Wierzbicki

    About me: I am an adjunct faculty member at Herron School of Art and Design. My master's degree is in visual art and I am a practicing artist working in video and sculpture. My undergraduate degrees in mathematics and I currently tutor junior high and high school math students. I enjoy traveling and make a habit out of seeing new places and having a variety of new experiences.

    Why I want to serve as mentor: I would have had a very hard time navigating my educational and career pursuits without my own personal mentors. I think it is especially difficult for young women today to get inspired to pursue powerful, leadership positions. I would like to be a resource for guidance and encouragement to young women in their personal and professional pursuits.

    What I am hoping to gain from this experience: I am hoping to gain a mutually positive connection and form a relationship with a woman who has many goalsand aspirations.

    Personal interests: Cultural Events, Music, Outdoor Activities, Travel, Reading, Family & Friends

    Career interests/Areas of specialization: I am an artist that works in sculpture and video. I teach at Herron School of Art. I also tutor math students.

  • Anne Mitchell

    About Me: Director of Survey Research Office (Planning and Institutional Improvement)
    Associate Faculty, Department of Sociology (School of Liberal Arts)
    Executive Committee - LGBT Faculty/Staff Council
    Faculty Advisor – Advocates for Sexual Equality

    Academic interests: research methodology, data collection techniques, improving higher education, sociology of education, gender/sexuality, race/ethnicity

    I am divorced and have children. My personal interests include: Sports, sport talk radio, my kids/legos/watching the Lego Movie 500 times, my animals, Scandal, hanging out with my girlfriend

    Why I want to serve as mentor: I think mentor programs are important.

    What I am hoping to gain from this experience: Relationship Building

    Personal interests: Cultural Events, Sports, Music Movies, Volunteerism, Family & Friends

    Cultural Events/Career interests/Areas of specialization: Research methodology
    Statistics, Sociology, Higher Education

  • Mansi Singh

    About Me: Mansi R. Singh is the Communication Specialist for the IUPUI Center for Service and Learning (CSL). Her current responsibilities include serving as the point person for all CSL communication, marketing and public relations efforts; providing abetment for event planning, in particular, co-planning the annual Civic Engagement Showcase and Symposium and co-leading planning for the IUPUI William M. Plater Civic Engagement Medallion award; acting as the Program Director for CSL Project and Communication Assistants’; managing CSL’s web presence in form of the website, social media accounts and electronic posts/press releases; and more.
    A native of the IUPUI community, Mansi holds double degrees in Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and a Bachelor of Arts in Religious Students from the Indiana University-Purdue University of Indianapolis.
    Other professional commitments include: Member of Selection Committee for Sam H. Jones Scholarships; Staff Advisor for IUPUI Foodies Guild; Member of Staff council on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion; Member for IUPUI Marketers; Member of Selection Committee for IUPUI Student Employee and Employer of the Year; Jujde: 2014 IUPUI Regatta; Member of Selection Committee for IUPUI Nan Bohan Community Engagement Staff Award; and more.

    Why I want to serve as mentor: The IUPUI community has been integral in molding my professional and personal journey. I am in a place where I believe I understand the culture of this dynamic campus and would be more than excited to help a mentee find resources that are crucial to their professional and personal development.

    What I am hoping to gain from this experience: I am hoping to support a mentee who wants to excel in their academic journey and in turn, I am hoping to gain the experience of building a mentor-relationship, growing as a professional, honing my leadership skills with a hopeful student willing to expand their horizons in search of success.

    Personal interests: Cultural Events, Movies, Volunteerism, Travel, Reading, and Family & Friends

    Career interests/Areas of specialization: Communication, Digital Media, Web Content Management, Social Media, Journalism, Design, Religious Studies, International Relations, Race & Gender Studies, and IUPUI resources.

  • Information for Mentees
  • Who can particiate as a mentee?

    Any undergraduate student currently enrolled in IUPUI with an interest in the topic is invited to participate. First year, second year, and transfer students may find this program most beneficial.

    How can I benefit from this program?

    •  Increased awareness of campus resources at IUPUI.
    • Opportunity to collaborate with faculty and staff on the IUPUI campus.
    • Building community and networking with other mentees/mentors who are part of the program.
    • Development of leadership skills such as communication strategies, goal setting, time management, and leading with confidence.
    • Development of personal vision and career aspirations.
    • Discovery and reflection on personal strengths through assessment.
  • How will I be matched with my mentor/mentee?

    Great question. All mentors (IUPUI Faculty/Staff) will be asked to complete a brief biography about themselves. These bios will be posted to the Advancing Women Mentoring Program website. Prior to registration, please review these bios. When you register for the program, please select a few mentors you would be interested in being paired with. We will do our best to accommodate your requests. You will be notified about your mentor prior to the September kickoff.

  • What happens if my mentor/mentee pairing does not work out?

    While it is our hope that all mentor/mentee pairings are good fits, we understand that there may be circumstances where a pairing does not work out. If this is the case, a mentor or mentee should contact either of the Office of Student Involvement or the Office for Women.

  • What kinds of topics will be covered?
    • Educational and career-related goal setting
    • Exploration of personal strengths
    • Communication strategies including understanding variances in communication styles among men and women, communication skills, and proper etiquette
    • Leadership Development
    • Time management and creating a positive work/life balance
    • Presenting yourself professionally
    • Developing confidence and ambition
    • Gender equality in higher education and the workplace
  • How does addressing the above topics relate to the idea of "Advancing Women"?

    One purpose of this program is to educate participants about various topics such as gender roles, inequality, and women in culture and society. However, simply increasing one's awareness is not enough. However the other purpose of this program is to provide students with the tools necessary to be successful in their personal, academic, and professional lives. It is our hope that by developing things such as leadership, communication, and career skills in addition to confidence and ambition, participants become empowered to respond to these issues.

  • What's the time commitment?

    Both mentors and mentees will need to be able to attend the kick-off event where they will meet with their potential mentee/mentor pairings. How frequently you meet throughout the school year is up to each mentor/mentee. We recommend that you consider meeting at least once every few weeks. Setting up a regular breakfast or lunch meeting is a great way to plan around schedules and develop a routine pattern of meeting together. In addition, mentors/mentees are highly encouraged to attend programming and events offered by the Office for Women at various points throughout the year.

  • What is my role?

    As a mentee, your role is to be an active participant in the program by regularly meeting with your mentor and by engaging in the program. It is also important that you know the role of your mentor. Mentors are not substitute parents or licensed psychologists. They are also not expected to be an expert on your major or intended career. However, mentors are there to guide you by offering advice and suggestions. Furthermore, we expect both mentors and mentees to be authentic in their meetings with each other meaning that both should be honest, real, and genuine in their engagement.

  • Is the program only for women students?

    No. While the content of the program specifically addresses issues pertaining to the advancement of women, it is open to all students, faculty, and staff with an interest in the topic.