Paw's Pantry

Paw's Pantry Leadership

Since its inception in 2011 and opening in 2013, Paw’s Pantry has always been led by strong student leaders who are committed to improving the quality of life and campus experience for their fellow members of the IUPUI Jaguar community.

Meet the current leaders of Paw’s Pantry:


Chrissie Geels
“My name is Chrissie Geels and I am a Senior at IUPUI studying Health Sciences and Health Education. I work with several food security organizations both in Indianapolis and my hometown of Bloomington. With one in every five incoming freshmen facing food insecurity, Paw’s Pantry is an invaluable resource to the IUPUI community. Reliable access to quality nutritious food is essential not only for the success of our fellow students, but also for the staff and faculty we serve as well.“


Jacob Nagy
Vice Chair of Operations & Partnerships 
“I'm Jacob Nagy a Junior at IUPUI, studying Pre-Physical Therapy and Psychology. I decided to join the Paw's team when I was talking to a few neighbors about their involvement with the pantry. I have always been very passionate about helping others, and combined with my love for nutrition and healthy eating I determined working with a pantry would be a great way to involve myself in my community. These passions developed early on in my life. I came from a family that has struggled with funds, which lead me to research into the topics of food and poverty. What I found in my search really resonated with me, I could relate very easily and began to see it as a challenge to help overcome malnutrition. I really hope to help our community in providing good foods for people. My goals are to help bring in as much food as the pantry can hold and help inform people about nutrition and a promote healthy lifestyles.”


Michael Stottlemeyer
Vice Chair of Donations
"After volunteering for Paws Pantry last year, I have become passionate about its mission and purpose. I believe the food pantry is vital to our Jaguar community, providing assistance for students and staff at IUPUI. This campus thrives on Jaguars helping Jaguars so as Jaguars, we understand the importance of benevolence and community outreach to provide support for those within. I chose to become an advocate for food insecurity so that I can raise awareness and give back to my Jaguar family and the Indianapolis community."


Mia Moore
Vice Chair of Marketing
“My name is Mia Moore and I am a graduate student at IUPUI. As an Indianpolis native, I am passionate about helping my community because it's rare that you see young adults willing to volunteer their time and services to others in need. I didn't do much while growing up here but, now that I have the time and have been given the opportunity, I want to give back as much as I can. “


Melanie Schieve
Vice Chair of Volunteers
“I love Paw's Pantry because it involves Jaguars helping Jaguars. Food insecurity is a significant issue in IUPUI and Paw's Pantry fills this void. Specifically, Paw's Pantry provides necessary food to our IUPUI community, including students, staff, and faculty, and is also a potential avenue for current students to give back to IUPUI. I became involved with the pantry during my sophomore year after learning about its mission from one of the student founders.”

Shaina Lawrence
Assistant Director of Student Advocacy & Support

Taylor Rhodes
Graduate Assistant