Paw's Pantry

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering at Paw's Pantry is easy and rewarding. It is important to our success that we find dedicated, reliable volunteers to help staff our pantry and collect food from the food donation crates around campus. Without you, none of what we do would be possible!

There are two ways you can volunteer:

1. Work the check-in and check-out table during normal hours of operation. Note: that we encourage volunteers to sign up for 10 hours.

2. Help collect food crates around campus.

You can sign up for either of these opportunities by filling out this form!

Below outlines some frequently asked questions from our volunteers. If you have any other questions regarding volunteer, feel free to contact us.

Q: I want to sign up to volunteer for a shift but can only make it to half of it. Should I just show up anyway?
A: No. It's a big job managing the hundreds of volunteers that come to Paw's Pantry. If you can't make it to an entire shift, please do not sign up for it.

Q: Can I bring my friend with me?
A: Please don't bring any friends with you to your shift. The space we operate out of is very small and the pantry only needs a few people to operate it during normal hours of operation.

Q: Where can I get my volunteer form signed?
A: If a lead volunteer is with you during your shift, they can sign it for you. If not, come to the Office of Student Advocacy and Support, Campus Center room 270, and ask for the office staff at the front desk.

Q: Will there be someone there to help me work the pantry?
A: Yes! We generally try to have one lead volunteer at the pantry during each shift. If not, we will make sure that someone who has worked the pantry before can show you the ropes.

Q: What if I talk to someone who needs help with more than just food?
A: There is a great person on campus called the Student Advocate. You can schedule an appointment to see the Student Advocate by calling 317-274-4431.

Q: What if I need to utilize the pantry? Can I get food during my shift?
A: Certainly! Either before or after your shift, feel free to shop the pantry. Just be sure to take yourself through the normal check-in and check-out procedure!

Q: I have never worked the pantry before. Will I get any training beforehand?
A: Yes! When you go to sign up to work at the pantry, you will be asked if this is your first time volunteering. If it is, you will be asked to watch a short training video and answer a ten-question quiz on what the video covered. Don't worry - everyone passes the quiz! We suggest looking over the volunteer manual too. That should answer a lot of questions you might have.

Q: I am a part of a student organization or a class that wants to organize a volunteer day. How do I go about scheduling that?
A: Paws Pantry has limited group volunteering opportunities but we will do our best to work something out. Please contact with your request.