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About Jinx, Jawz, and jazzy

The jaguar became IUPUI's official mascot in 1998, coinciding with the campus's move to NCAA Division I Athletics. The jaguar was chosen because it reflects the energy of our urban campus and represents the spirit of IUPUI: powerful, swift, and confident.

Voters including students, staff, faculty, alumni and friends of the university chose the nickname Jaguars. The final ballot of nominations also included choices like the City Cats, River Hawks, Indy Wolves, Indy Cats, City Hawks, Metro Hawks, Metro Cats, Indy Hawks, and Circle Cats. Fortunately, the Jaguar emerged as the winner!

Jawz the Jaguar has been the official mascot of IUPUI Athletics since 2006. He is powerful, swift, and confident – and he has been known to have some good dance moves! He can be seen courtside at Jaguar Athletics events or simply having a good time at campus events.

The first jaguar mascot on campus was Jinx, who joined the IUPUI family in 1998. Jinx the Jaguar can still be found supporting campus and community events and endearing young kids everywhere to the Jaguars of IUPUI.

In August 2015, Jazzy Jaguar made her IUPUI debut during Weeks of Welcome. Jazzy is the newest member of the IUPUI Jaguar Family and she can be seen around campus making new friends and spreading spirit wherever she goes. Jazzy is especially a fan of women's athletic events.

Need to add some spirit to your next event? To request Jinx, Jawz, and/or Jazzy for an upcoming event, please complete this request.

Do you love to perform and have school spirit? You might have what it takes to be the next IUPUI mascot. Mascots are paid student hourly employees. If you would like to apply to be a mascot, please complete this application.