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Does your school or office want to get involved in Homecoming 2016 while also helping a great cause? Then the Can the Dean competition is just for you! Each school or office will collect food items with the goal of trying to encase their dean or staff member into their office! At the end of the week the school or office with the biggest ratio of people who participate to the number of food items collected will be the winner of an awesome IUPUI Prize Pack and all of the food collected will go to Paws Pantry.

Rules & Conditions

  1. All food items must be collected during Homecoming Week (10/24/2016-10/28/2016).

  2. All food must be kept in the office of the Dean and or staff member of the respective school/area.

  3. All donations must be transported to the Office of Student Involvement (located on the 3rd floor of the Campus Center in CE 370) by noon on 10/28/2016.

  4. In order to participate in the contest the Dean and/or staff member must agree to keep the food in their office.

  5. The winner of the contest will be the school or area that has the largest ration of people who participate to the number of food items that the school or area has collected.

  6. In order to keep an accurate count of participants and food items, each school or area is required to have participants complete the tally sheet included in this application and turn it in with the donation at the end of the contest.

  7. Canned or boxed goods will count towards the contest. Single items not packaged for individual sale will NOT count towards the contest.

  8. Please use the wish list from Paw’s Pantry when collecting donations.  

  9. This form MUST be completed by 5:00PM on 10/14/16


Scoring for this event will consist of two parts:

  1. Percentage of "affiliated persons" participating in the event
  2. Total number of items donated

To determine a winner, the two scores will be added together to form a final score. The school/unit with the highest with the highest final score will be declared the winner.

Affiliated persons will be defined as any student whose primary area of study (first major) is housed within the school and any faculty/staff employed by the school/unit.

A tally sheet is provided to help you keep track of your items!