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Thanks for your interest in IUPUI’s inaugural Battle of the Bands competition!

Battle of the Bands is the music component of IUPUI’s annual Jagapalooza. Jagapalooza is the end of the year festival that includes activities and games such as ziplines, archery, and a scavenger hunt. The event takes places in Carrol Stadium on IUPUI’s campus on May 1, 2015 from 4 PM – 9 PM. Thousands of IUPUI’s students attend Jagapalooza to celebrate the end of the semester with music, games, and fun!

To download the Jagapalooza Band Information template click here.

  • Rules

    To participate in Battle of the Bands, acts must:

    1. Include members who are 18 years or older ONLY.

    2. Perform original music. The artist will assume total responsibility for any penalties associated with copyright infringement.

    3. Have at least 20 minutes of material to perform.

    4. Be available from 12 PM – 9 PM the day of the event.

    5. Comply with all Indiana University policy and procedure.

    6. Perform only origional material that does not have any indescent, obsecene, or inflamatory language. Also, indecent or obscene body gestures will not be permitted. Any actions or lyrics determined to be indecent or obscene by the judges will result in the disqualification of the competition.

  • Prizes

    The Jagapalooza Battle of the Bands has two overall prizes for the participants:

    First Place:

    • 10 Hours of studio time at Azmyth Studio

    • Opening act for the Student Activities Progrmaming Board Annual Concert, to be on September 18, 2015.

    • Album (if applicable) will be sold in the campus Barnes & Noble bookstore.

    Second Place:

    • Headline the fall Involvement Expo (student organization fair with over 5,000 participants)

    • Album (if applicable) will be sold in the campus Barnes & Noble bookstore.

  • Equipment

    House equipment list can be provided upon request. Please contact the