Student Activities Programming Board

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  • President

    President: Michael Stottlemyer

    Contact Email:

    If you are wanting to learn about our organization or needs direction on who to contact, you can follow-up with our SAPB president.

  • VP of Administration

    VP of Administration: Vacant

    Contact Email:  Vacant

    Our VP of Administration is in charge of our budget and administrative logistics for the organization. This position is currently vacant. Please direct inquiries to the President.

  • VP of Membership

    VP of Membership: Beth Scott

    Contact Email:

    Our VP of Membership can assist you in learning more about how to become a member of SAPB and the requirements to be a full-time member.

  • VP of External Affairs

    VP of External Affairs: Kendra Stutzman

    Contact Email:

    If you are wanting to learn more about partnering with SAPB, our VP of External Affairs can be the resource for you.

  • VP of Marketing & Research Development

    Vice President of Marketing & Research Development: Shelby Elrod

    Contact Email:

    Our Vice President of Marketing & Research Development is knowledgeable about all of our events and can be your source for all things SAPB.

  • Advisor

    Advisor: Kristin Kreher

    Contact Email: 

    Kristin Kreher serves as the main advisor for our SAPB executive team, general board members, and committee directors.

    Graduate Assistant: Emily Singer

    Emily advises the Coffeehouse and Entertainment committee and the On the Go committee.