Student Organizations & Activities

Advisor Competencies

Developed at IUPUI in 2011, the Advisor Competency model is the foundation for student organization advisor education.  

Please note that the Advisor Competency program is currently undergoing review and update. Consequently, the program has been suspended for the 2016-2017 academic year and will be re-introduced in Fall 2017.

Picture of advisor competency model.

  • Institutional & Organizational Knowledge

    • RSO Policies and Procedures
    • IUPUI Policies and Procedures
    • Ability to assist students in navigating University setting.
    • Knowledge of policies and procedures for affiliated organizations.
    • Constitution/Organization Artifacts
  • Risk Management

    • IUPUI Risk Management and Liability Policies/Procedures
    • IUPUI RSO Code of Conduct
    • IUPUI Code of Conduct
    • Hazing
    • Event Management
    • Travel
  • Communication

    • Listening Skills
    • Verbal Communication and Non-Verbal Communication
    • Mediate Differences
    • Awareness of Group Dynamics
  • Cultural/Social Awareness and Understanding

    • Support exploration of diverse worldviews.
    • Create positive organizational and campus environments for diverse student groups and populations.
    • Serve as an advocate for social justice.
  • Student Development

    • Knowledge and application of relevant student development theories.
    • Encourage students to develop an understanding of who they are as a member of the organization, an individual, and a leader.
    • Recognize the effects of student development on group interaction and similarily, the effects of group interaction on student development.
    • Mental Health Awareness
  • Group Development

    • Build Community
    • Create inclusive learning environments.
    • Knowledge of group development theories.
    • Support group and organizational development.
    • Meeting Management
  • Leadership

    • Contribute to the leadership development or organization members and leaders.
    • Advising Philosophy and Role
    • Preserve mission and enduring purpose of organization.
    • Assist with administrative responsibilities including financial operations within student organization and yearly completion of formal registration information with the Office of Student Involvement.
    • Ability to implement appropriate crisis management intervention.
    • Serve as liason between student organization and staff in the Office of Student Involvement.