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Advisor CORE FAQ

Beginning the fall of 2015, to be eligible to serve as a student organization advisor, faculty and staff must have completed the CORE within a two year timeframe. For frequently asked questions about this policy please see the information below:

  • Why was this decision made?

    During the 2011-2012 academic year, the Office of Student Involvement conducted a national benchmarking study regarding student organization advisor support. The study included peer institution review, faculty and staff focus groups, and student focus groups. The results of the study informed the creation of the Advisor Competency Model. Upon further development, student organizations asked the Office of Student Involvement to ensure accurately informed advisors, which resulted in the advisor CORE requirements. This decision is also in line with IU’s developing relationship with student organizations, which makes it important that each organization has an advisor with better training who is prepared to support the group in progressively more ways.

  • When is the deadline?

    The deadline to complete the CORE for advisors is August 1, 2016.

  • What happens to my student organization?

    If a student organization's advisor does not complete the CORE by August 1, 2016, then they will no longer be eligible for registered student organization status.

  • Can I be exempt?

    Due to the changing nature of IU and its relationship with student organizations, we are not able to offer exemptions to this requirement.

  • When are upcoming sessions?

    For a complete listing of upcoming CORE sessions please visit our website.

  • Can I do this online?

    One of the CORE (Advising 101) will be available in an online module format; this is live in the IU e-training platform.

  • Why can't I do the CORE all online?

    Due to the nature of the content of the Risk Management and Nuts & Bolts sessions this makes them unsuitable for online delivery. This is due in part to the sensitive and interactive nature of the content presented in these sessions.

  • How do I know what ones I have done?

    The Student Activities Team tracks advisor completion of the CORE sessions. For an up to date listing of advisor CORE completions please visit our website.

  • Why is the comprehensive session longer than 3 hours?

    The comprehensive session is intended to be a means to learn all this content continuously, which benefits some learning types and satisfies the requirement in just one meeting. Its total length is three hours 30 minutes, and a free lunch is provided by the Office of Student Involvement.

  • I just heard about this, how has this been communicated?

    While we know everyone receives a lot of email and messages can occasionally get lost, the Student Activities Team in OSI has sent over 30 electronic notifications to students and advisors about this change since April 11, 2013. Additionally, notifications have been embedded into the re-registration process since 2013.

Please note that the Advisor Competency program is currently undergoing review and update. Consequently, the program has been suspended for the 2016-2017 academic year and will be re-introduced in Fall 2017. 

If you have any additional questions about the Advisor Competency Program, please contact a member of the Student Activities Team at