Student Organizations & Activities

Nuts & Bolts Requirement

Beginning the fall 2013 academic semester, re-registered student organizations are required to send a member to a Nuts & Bolts session by October 1. This new process is in response to student feedback during the 2012-2013 academic year.

Below are some frequently asked questions about this new deadline:

  • When is the next Nuts & Bolts session?

    Nuts and Bolts sessions were held very frequently during the month of September. For more information on the next session click here.

  • I attended, why did my organization not receive credit?

    Each attendee should have swiped their Jagtag during the session. This allowed us to send an email with a survey. Student organizations only recieve credit once this survey is complete as it allows them to tell us who they represent.

  • Why are my room reservations being canceled?

    Student organizations are allowed to reserve space on campus for free as a benefit on being in good standing with the Office of Student Involvement. By not completing the Nuts & Bolts session by the deadline, your organization is no longer in good standing. For more information about the next Nuts & Bolts session click here!

    For information about who to contact for your room reservation click here.

  • My student organization is new, do I still need to complete Nuts & Bolts by the deadline?

    No! New student organizations have to complete Nuts & Bolts by the end of the academic semester in which they have been approved as a student organization. For more information about the next Nuts & Bolts session click here!

  • My event is very soon, is there a way around this requirement?

    No. Unfortunately, your organization will remain in frozen status until you complete the Nuts & Bolts requirement. For more information about the next Nuts & Bolts session click here.

  • I want to speak to someone right now about this.

    The student activities team is more than happy to assist in any way they can. If you would like to address your concerns with someone immediatly, please contact us via email at or by phone at 317-274-3931.