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Frequently asked questions:

What is the Student Organization Grant (SOG)? The purpose of the Student Organization Grant (SOG) is to enrich student life and increase student engagement through events and programming sponsored by IUPUI student organizations. Allocated funds should benefit the IUPUI student experience and further the endeavors of intellectual development, cultural competence, and critical thinking.
What is the Undergraduate Educational Enhancement Grant (UEEG)? The purpose of the Undergraduate Educational Enhancement Grant (UEEG) is to enhance professional and academic development and leadership training to further the overall educational experience for undergraduate students of IUPUI. UEEG must provide professional or leadership training related to your academic major or organizational purpose. Graduate students should apply through the Graduate and Professional Government at
Who can receive funding? For the SOG, all organizations that are registered through the Campus Center and Student Experiences are eligible for funding. For the UEEG, all registered student organizations and/or individuals that are in good standing with IUPUI are eligible for funding. Please refer to the Funding Guidelines page for detailed guidelines, quick facts, and expectations.
Who can help me with the funding process? All of the members of the SDFC and advisor are able and willing to assist you in the process. You can contact the SDFC at
What types of events are funded?

There are a wide variety of events that are funded through the SDFC. Proposals are reviewed based on the guidelines for each grant, so please be familiar and ensure that your proposal follows those exactly. The SDFC does not review proposals based on content, but based on the guidelines to provide an equitable review of each event.

Events must be open to the entire student community. Closed events are not eligible for funding. A closed program is one that is not open to any student, no matter their classification. They must adhere to the registered student organization non-discrimination policy: Events and programs must be open to student without regard to arbitrary consideration of such characteristics as age, color, disability, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, gender expression, marital status, national origin, race, religion, sexual orientation, or veteran status.

What is a P.O.? A P.O. or purchase order is a method of payment for all vendors. It is a not a check, but rather a "promise" to pay the vendor once the original invoice has been sent to purchasing. You can obtain a P.O. in the Campus Center and Student Experiences.
What is an original receipt? An original receipt is the receipt that is handed to you by the merchant. A fax is not acceptable, nor is a copy of the receipt.
What happens if the student organization/individual does not follow the guidelines? Depending on what guidelines are not followed, the student organization could be responsible for paying back the grant and until further notice their student organization privilege could be revoked. Extreme cases will be sent to the Dean of Students.
What cannot be funded?
  1. Honoraria to University staff or students for presenting programs for student activities or athletics
  2. Salaries or wages to University staff or students for participating in student activities, organizations, or athletics (excluding campus security)
  3. Cash awards, or awards that can be easily converted to cash
  4. Gift cards
  5. Personal subscriptions, personal memberships, or group memberships
  6. Donations
  7. Fundraising events, unless the event adheres to Line (vii) of Receiving Payments
  8. For events that have alcoholic beverages, bar equipment, bartender fees, or any illegal substances/paraphernalia
  9. Gifts of any kind, to an individual, whether or not they are faculty, staff, or students. Gifts, as referenced in these guidelines, are items for personal use for which the recipient does not exchange something of equivalent value. This definition of gift is not meant to include non-cash items of nominal value (less than $25) given under other allowable provisions of these guidelines. For example, it is allowable to give a guest speaker an IUPUI mug as a gift for speaking to a student group.
  10. Contributions or expenditures in connection with any political campaign (including primaries) on behalf of any candidate for public office, or financial support of any kind to organizations whose activities consist substantially of lobbying or other activities designed to influence legislation.
  11. Direct or indirect support of litigation against the University
  12. In violation of IU, Univeristy, SOG Use Guidelines
When can I get the funding?

Proposals must be submitted at least 45 days in advance of the event. Once the proposal has been approved, you can begin to use the grant.

After proposals have been approved, students can receive this funding in two ways of their choice:

  • Bring in invoices/quotes and the Campus Center and Student Experiences will process a check directly to the vendor for the related costs
  • Pay for the items personally and bring in original receipts to be reimbursed
    • Please note that students who travel and get reimbursed will no longer receive a check. Their reimbursement will be put on their bursar account.
When should receipts be turned into the Campus Center and Student Experiences? All reimbursements and payments should be completed within 15 days after the completion of the event or June 1 of the academic year, whichever comes first.
When does the SDFC meet? During the academic year, the SDFC meets twice a month.
Where can I find the application for grants? All of the proposals for grants can be found on the Applications page. Please refer to the Funding Applications page for the steps on how to submit a proposal.
Where do I turn in receipts or invoices? You can turn them in to the Business Manager of the Campus Center and Student Experiences in Campus Center 370.
Why do I need to turn in receipts and/or invoices? IUPUI must have proof that only the approved purchases were bought, and the receipt/invoice will indicate that the money is being spent in an appropriate manner.
Why do I have to go through the funding process? The funding process is a great way to have Student Activity Fees fund your events/experiences. If your event is eligible for funding, the funding process is a way to easily obtain the money you need. Because all funds are limited, the SDFC provides an unbiased viewpoint to promote the good use of Student Activity Fees.
Why are there so many guidelines? The guidelines exist so that Student Activity Fees are distributed and allocated properly and fairly. Because all students pay Student Activity Fees, it is of the utmost importance that the money is handled equitably.
Why is the SDFC so strict with guidelines? As mentioned before, it is highly important that Student Activity Fees distributed by the SDFC are done so fairly and equitably. To make an exception for one organization would not be fair and consistent for all others that have participated in the funding process.