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Student Organization Grant (SOG)

The purpose of the Student Organization Grant (SOG) is to enrich student life and increase student engagement through events and programming sponsored by registered student organizations at IUPUI. Allocated funds should benefit the IUPUI student experience and further the endeavors of intellectual development, cultural competence, and critical thinking.

Undergraduate Educational Enhancement Grant (UEEG)

The purpose of the Undergraduate Educational Enhancement Grant (UEEG) is to enhance professional and academic development and leadership training to further the overall educational experience for undergraduate students enrolled at IUPUI. UEEG must provide professional or leadership training related to your academic major or organizational purpose. Students can apply for this grant as a registered student organization or as an individual if they are participating in an experience that is not planned by themselves or their organization.

Graduate students: Visit the Graduate and Professional Student Government website at to apply for an Graduate and Professional Educational Grant (GPEG).

Student DEVELOPMENT Funding Committee (SDfc)

The SDFC is made up of four undergraduate students and two graduate students. The SDFC is advised by the Coordinator for Student Organizations.

The SDFC reviews proposals of registered student organizations and individuals applying for the Student Organizations Grant (SOG) and the Undergraduate Educational Enhancement Grant (UEEG). The SDFC is a student review committee for these proposals, and committee members are trained in the approval guidelines, provide an unbiased viewpoint, and promote the good use of Student Activity Fees. This committee works to provide an equitable review of each proposal based on the information submitted for review.

Proposals for each grant must be submitted at least 45 days in advance of the event/experience. They are reviewed twice a month (except over student breaks). Notification will be sent through the email list on the proposal with the funding decision within a week of the review.

THE SDFC IS CURRENTLY RECRUITING UNDERGRADUATE AND GRADUATE MEMBERS! If you are interested in serving on the SDFC and having a say in how Student Activity Fees are disbursed, please send your resume to Juliana Jalal, Coordinator for Student Organizations and SDFC Advisor, at

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Student Development Funding Committee at