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New Student Organizations

All new student organization applicants may choose ONE category that best describes their student organization based on the criteria below; however, the Student Activities Team will review category choice of each organization and revise if necessary during the application process.

Student organizations at IUPUI are categorized into several areas:

  • Academic & Professional

    Academic and professional organizations serve as a forum to explore issues in a particular academic field or area of interest; students do not have to be enrolled in that line of coursework in order to be members of these organizations.

  • Governance

    Governance organizations serve as the governing body of a school, college, group or organizations, or student bodies.

  • International & Multicultural

    International and multicultural organizations provide an opportunity to explore and celebrate other cultures as well as to increase campus understanding and support. These organizations provide a support network for students from a particular culture as well as educate the campus about that culture.

  • Performance & Media

    Performance organizations involve performing in front of an audience in an artistic format such as dance, drama, and/or music. Media organizations exist in order to provide information related to their purpose through means of mass communication, such as newspapers, magazines, radio, or television.

  • Political & Social Awareness

    Political and social awareness organizations are those that raise awareness about social and political issues, or exist to represent particular political or social interests.

  • Religious & Spiritual

    Religious and spiritual organizations are directly affiliated with a religious organization and/or educate about religious beliefs, conduct any religious activities, or foster development of the spiritual self.

  • Social Fraternities & Sororities*

    Greek organizations are any sororities or fraternities which are primarily social in nature, but not professional or honorary. Prior to starting a Greek organization, the Assistant Director for Fraternity & Sorority Life must be consulted.

  • Special Interest

    Special interest organizations include all organizations that do not fall any of the other designated categories.

  • Sport & Recreation

    Sports and recreation organizations are those in which the primary purpose is for members to engage in sporting events and/or athletic activities.

  • Volunteer & Service

    Volunteer and service organizations are those that are primarily dedicated to providing improvement, aid, or assistance to others on campus or in the community.

  • Honor Societies

    Honor societies are organizations with limited membership, where membership is a mark of distinction or recognition of achievements. Membership is usually by invitation only.

  • Club Sports*

    Club Sports are those in which the primary purpose is for members to compete in sporting events and/or athletic activities. Competing locally, regionally, or nationally is a requirement in order to be a considered a Club Sport.

* Designates a restricted category.

Category definitions are adapted from Creighton University 3/25/17.