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The Office of the Campus Center and Student Experiences provides the following requirements and guidelines for student organization governing documents.

  • Are there any requirements on the format for our guiding documents?

    Yes! In order to help facilitate the process of constitutional review, the Office of the Campus Center and Student Experiences has determined a set format when writing a constitution and by-laws. Please adhere to the requested format to ensure an accurate and timely review of your constitution.

    Font Times New Roman
    Size 12 pt
    Titles Article, Section, Sub-Section, etc. will be bolded, with no size increase.
    Page Numbers Lower RIght Corner
    Page Size 8 1/2" X 11"
    Running Head Student Organization Name, [governing document title]
  • How do we write a constitution?

    The constitution should be simple yet comprehensive and difficult to amend, leaving any procedural rules to be included in the by-laws. For an explination about the sections of a constitution, please download our constitution guidelines.

  • What are By-Laws?

    By-laws contain the standing (permanent) rules of procedure of an organization. Items in the by-laws may be covered in appropriate detail in the constitution of very small organizations. However, most groups keep the two separate because by-laws usually contain more detail and are subject to change more than that of the constitution and, therefore, may require different procedures for amending.

    Provision for amendment of the by-laws should be somewhat easier than that of the constitution as rules of procedure should adapt to changing conditions of the student organization. When amending the by-laws, as with the constitution, previous notice of any changes are usually required to be given to the membership and should not be changed in the same meeting in which propose.

    For more information on creating By-Laws for your organization, download our By-Laws Guidelines document.