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The registration process for student organizations can be filled with questions. In an effort to provide a transparent process, the Student Activities Team has developed a frequently asked questions (FAQ) guide for students listed below:

  • What are the requirements for a new student organization?

    Student organizations at the IUPUI campus have to meet the minimum requirements in order to be registered. For more information on these requirements, click here!

  • How do I submit my application?

    All applications for new student organizations are submitted via The Den. Prior to submitting your application, please log into The Den and check to ensure that there is no organization that mimics the intentions of your group. Per IU policies, duplicate organizations are not allowed. Each individual organization must meet a need not already met on campus.

    Once you are ready to submit your application, log into The Den, click on "Organizations," scroll down, and under Register a New Organization, select "Register."

    Applications for new student organizations are reviewed at the end of each month. If you have any questions, please contact a member of the Student Activities Team at

  • Why was my application denied?

    There are many reasons for this. The most common reasons are:

    • Does not meet the minimum membership requirements
    • Does not follow the naming policy
    • Does not have a full time advisor listed on the application
    • Does not agree to follow policy and procedure for student organizations
  • I was told to I do not have the minimum number of members.

    This is a frequent issue with new student organizations. For more information on the minimum membership requirements for student organizations click here.

  • What does the naming policy have to do with my organization?

    Student organizations at IUPUI are registered with the institution, but are not an entity of the institution. Due to this fact, the naming policy was created to help clarify in the name of organizations the relationship they have with the institution. For more information on the naming policy, please click here.

  • How do I edit my application to re-submit it?

    When you recieved a disapproval notification there were two links in the email. One was to the original application (for you to review what was submitted). The second one was to edit that application and re-submit it. This second link is the easiest way for you to adjust your application to address the disapproval concerns.