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Each student organization at IUPUI is unique. However, each student organization is required to complete the following:

Requirement Description
≥ 5 IUPUI students Each organization must have at least 10 IUPUI student members.
Constitution An organization must have a written constitution in a digital format to upload during registration.
Advisor An organization must have an advisor who is a faculty or staff member that is employed at IUPUI full-time.
Nuts & Bolts Session At least one member of each student organization must attend a Nuts & Bolts session by October 1 of that academic year. For new student organizations, you must complete this requirement by the end of the semester you are approved.

If you have all of the above requirements ready to go and have confirmed that there is no organization that mimics the intentions of your group, you can register your student organization! Once you have logged into The Den, click on "Organizations," scroll down, and under Register a New Organization, select "Register." Please complete and submit this form to begin the new student organization registration process.