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Organizations signing contracts do so in their own name — not in the name of IUPUI. The RSO and its officers are responsible for the terms and conditions stated in the contract and accept any and all risks and financial obligations associated with that contract.

No employee of the University (management, staff or faculty) is authorized to sign a "Hold Harmless and Indemnification"* or similar agreement. Students should be advised not to sign such documents, but if they choose to, they need to understand the implications.

*Hold Harmless and Indemnification Agreements are defined as contracts that if signed would relieve the contractor of any responsibility during the contracted time. Essentially, this means that one party agrees not to hold the other responsible for certain acts or under certain circumstances. Clauses like this may look harmless, but without close scrutiny, they could leave your organization open to undeserved liability.

RSOs are encouraged to collaborate with the OSI and/or their advisor to read over every contract carefully before committing to sign.