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Student organizations are required to follow all procedures and policies (where applicable) of the university pertaining to drawings, games, and prizes.

Below is additional information pertaining to events incorperating any aspects of drawings, games, or prizes.

  • Drawings and Games of Chance

    Registered student organization may conduct drawings or games of chance if the following guidelines are met:

    • the value of any prize offered does not exceed $300.00

    • the total value of all prizes at any event does not exceed $900.00

    Vendor donations are also subject to and included in these prize limits.

  • Prizes

    Prizes are considered taxable income to the recipient and may require the university to report the value of the prize to any federal and state revenue agencies. Student organizations must file the appropriate forms, including the Prize Tax Data Collection Form, if applicable, within 10 days of the distribution of any prize.

    Prizes may not exceed $300.00 each or $900.00 total for the event (including donated items).

    Student Organization Grant (SOG) and Educational Enhancement Grant (EEG) funds are prohibited from being used for prizes.

    Student organizations that privately administer their own funds and do not use university funding are not required to complete and submit the prize tax data collection form to the University. However, the student organization and individual recipient may be required to complete and submit tax information according to federal policies.

    Prize Value shall be the fair market or retail value of a prize, regardless of whether the prize is purchased by the student organizations, donated, or furnished by an external entity.

  • Raffles

    Raffles are prohibited at Indiana University. A raffle is defined as the selling of tickets or chances to win a prize awarded through a random drawing.

  • Card Games and Bingo

    Bingo, poker, and other similar games are prohibited if any prizes are awarded.