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In general, Indiana University has restricted or prohibited the possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages by students, especially those who are not old enough to legally possess or consume alcoholic beverages. Specifically, Indiana University restricts the consumption of alcoholic beverages on university property and during student activities.

It is understood that gatherings of graduate students in university facilities are different from gatherings of undergraduate students. From time to time schools use university facilities to sponsor and host events for graduate students at which alcoholic beverages may be appropriate. The dean of the relevant school should oversee these events to ensure that no underage persons will consume alcohol.

As these events are planned, the school dean should notify the campus chancellor and request approval for the serving of alcoholic beverages at a particular event to be held in university facilities. In this request the dean should set forth the particulars of the event along with the steps taken to fulfill the dean's oversight responsibilities. The chancellor will share the dean's request with the university general counsel, with whom the chancellor will discuss requests prior to approving them.

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