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IUPUI does not require students to have any type of insurance to enroll at the university. Therefore, you may have members of your student organization that do not have medical/health insurance. Students are responsible for their own insurance coverage.

Students are advised to carry an adequate medical/health insurance policy of their own. For students who are not covered by family or other medical/health insurance can enroll through The Aetna Group, a division of Aetna. Enrollment in the student health insurance plan is mandatory for medical students, international students, and student academic appointees. Enrollment in the student health insurance plan is voluntary for all other students. Dental students are required to have insurance, but no specific plan is mandated. Questions about insurance coverage need to be directed to the insurance company.

Many students are under the assumption IUPUI provides health care for students. It is your responsibility to take the proper precautions in finding health and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It is also the responsibility of your student organization to know the coverage of your participants as you participate in activities and risky behaviors.