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Student organizations travel for many purposes: retreats, conferences, competitions, and for fun! Traveling can help an organization accomplish its goals and can serve an extremely valuable purpose. However, it is important to remember that travel is a high-risk activity. With proper risk management, your organization can reduce the risk your organization faces as a result of travel.

RSOs are strongly encouraged to review and complete the travel packet. Below are the forms that we recommend you keep in your organization's file before you begin travel. Additionally, OSI offers one-on-one travel consultations to assist groups in planning safe trips. Please contact us to learn more if your group is planning a trip!

Package Contents:

Page 1: Cover Letter
Page 2: Personal Information
Page 3: Applicant Commitment
Page 4: Participant Agreement and Release
Page 5: Emergency Contact Information

Additional Contents:

Page 6: Possible Pre-Departure Meeting Agenda
Page 7: Possible Additional Information to Include in the Travel Packet

Registered student organizations are reminded that generally travel should not be required of the organization's members unless it is fundamental to the purpose of the organization or otherwise critical to its mission or goals. Some examples of travel that may be fundamental to the organization's purpose or critical to its mission may include, but are not limited to, debate teams, sport clubs, and organizations that are organized in large part for the purpose of engaging in state, regional, or national academic or athletic competitions.