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The Advisor Competency Program (ACP) has been developed and designed to support faculty and staff at IUPUI in advising student organizations and is based upon the Advisor Competency Model. The CORE serves as the minimal requirement for IUPUI faculty and staff to serve as student organization advisors. 

Please note that the Advisor Competency Program is currently undergoing review and update. Consequently, the program has been suspended for the 2016-2017 academic year and will be re-introduced in Fall 2017.

  • CORE

    The ACP CORE represents the foundation of knowledge for student organization advisors to be successful in supporting their student organizations.

    The CORE is made up of the following sessions and is the basic requirement to be eligible to advise a student organization:

    • Risk Management
    • Nuts & Bolts
    • Advising 101*

    Each session provides insight and knowledge for the student organization advisor about student organization management and support on the IUPUI campus.

    For a complete list of upcoming CORE sessions click here.

    * Denotes online module available.

  • Support

    The ACP support in place for student organization advisors is comprised of the following:

    • Online Advisor Community
    • Monthly Student Organization Advisor Newsletter
    • Student Activities Website
    • Student Activities Team Members

    Each of these support programs is available for student organization advisors to utilize in helping their student organization grow and develop.

  • Electives

    The ACP Electives provide student organization advisors the flexibility for student organization advisors to learn about various sub-sets of student organization management information. These electives are currently optional for the advisors on the IUPUI campus.

    Past electives have included:

    • Student Advocacy
    • IU Branding
    • Bystander Intervention

    Electives change and develop as pertinant topics and current trends for student organizations present themselve on the IUPUI campus.

    For a complete list of upcoming electives click here.

If you have any questions regarding Advisor Competency Education please contact a member of the Student Activities Team at