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Nestled in the heart of the Campus, the CUBE is the hub of student organizations. Located on the 3rd floor of the Campus Center in Suite 380, the CUBE provides lounge, meeting, and work space for students and student organizations on campus. The CUBE team serves as IUPUI's premier student organization resource team.

In essence, the CUBE serves as a safe, inclusive for students, most of whom are affiliated with at least one student organization on campus, to relax, network, and get work pertaining to their student organization done.  The space was renovated and crafted to serve as an opportunity for IUPUI students to build a stronger support network and community during their time as Jaguars.

  • Current CUBE Team Duties


    • Respond to correspondence with students, faculty, and staff via the email account.
    • Return phone calls regarding student organization questions.
    • Organize and disperse student organization mail.
    • Handle drop in requests and any questions from students.


    • In supplementing the efforts of the Hospitality Team as well as CFS, the CUBE Team works to reset the furniture in the CUBE during shifts and maintain the cleanliness of the space.
    • Manage & maintain upkeep Student Activities storage spaces.


    • Distribute student organization marketing flyers across the IUPUI campus.
    • Process student organization chalking requests.
    • Frequently go out into the campus community and table on behalf of the CUBE Team and the Campus Center and Student Experiences.
  • The Den

    Find The Den here!

    The CUBE Team:
    • Oversees all student organization event submissions on The Den
    • Trouble shoots any problems and questions associated with navigating through The Den
    • Maintain clear and concise communication with event registration process campus partners via email and The Den.
    • Handle the waiver distribution process for student organizations for events requiring physical activity.
  • Event Activity Registration Process

    The CUBE Team oversees the entire student organization event registration process from start to finish.

    • All student organizations at IUPUI are required to submit their organizational events through The Den. In order for student organizations to hold these events, they must approved by the appropriate campus partners and ultimately, be successfully registered through The Den.
    • Unless the student organization event qualifies for one of the exceptions listed below, student organizations must submit their events at least three weeks (21 days) in advance of the date of their event. Otherwise, the student organization CANNOT hold the event.
    • Exceptions to the three weeks rule:
      • One week (7 days) rule:
        • Basic meeting (no risk with tables, chairs, and bodies ONLY! No food allowed)
        • Tabling
      • Six weeks (42 days) rule:
        • Early Opening/Late Closing events in the Campus Center must be requested SIX weeks in advance in order to allow for scheduling and staffing (FYI: there are fees involved).
        • Events to be held at/in Campus Recreation spaces (Natatorium, CROF, etc.) must be requested SIX weeks in advance in order to allow for scheduling and staffing (FYI: there could be fees involved depending on nature of event).

For more information about the CUBE or the CUBE Team, please contact a member of the Student Activities Team at