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The oversight and development of the CUBE is supervised by the Student Activities Team in the Office of the Campus Center and Student Experiences. It is the responsibility of each organization to inform their membership of the rules of conduct in the CUBE. The CUBE is open to the public and in order to maintain a functional, appealing and attractive work/meeting area and atmosphere for all student organizations and visitors, the following guidelines must be followed.

As a member of the CUBE community, you are expected to:

  • Refrain from standing on top of, walking over, or jumping on top of the furniture.
  • Keep your feet off ALL of the furniture.
  • Put “wheeled furniture” back in its designated space before you leave (if you moved it).
  • Push your chairs under the tables and leave the space in good condition when you are done utilizing it.
  • Throw away ALL trash (food, paper, etc.). There are several trash cans located throughout the CUBE to assist with this.
  • Notify the CUBE Front Desk of any spills or damages immediately so it can be taken care of in a timely manner.
  • Wipe down tables after eating. Community cleaning supplies are located at the front of the CUBE in a black bucket.
  • Be respectful of your fellow Jaguars who are also using the CUBE. This means using your “inside voice” and showcasing good manners.
  • Hold your fellow Jaguars accountable to the CUBE community expectations.

The Office of the Campus Center and Student Experiences reserves the right to revoke privileges in the CUBE if a student or student organization fails to comply with any policies.

The CUBE is a common space for students and student organizations at IUPUI and we appreciate you and your organization being a part of our community. We believe that your involvement in the CUBE can serve to enhance your overall education and improve the way you work with others. Thank you very much for your work in this space and across campus!