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Any IU entity is able to have an entity page in the Den free of charge. However, due to the student fee funded nature of the Den system, IU entities requesting advanced use of the system will have to pay an annual nominal fee. This fee offsets the cost of staffing and administration of the Den system on the IUPUI campus. To activate your IU entity within the Den, please complete the Den entity agreement form.

If you would like a Den consultation to determine which tier is best suited for your entity, please schedule time with the Den administrator, Linda Wardhammar, Associate Director for Campus Center and Student Experiences.

  • Scanner Purchase

    1. Sign and scan “Department Scanner Agreement

    1. Have scanner lead complete two required trainings for IU student data use:

    FERPA Training ( )

    Technology Use Agreement (

    1. Complete Campus Center and Student Experiences department confirmation.

    2. Order OPN-2001 Scanners in Kuali Financial Services:

    Supplier: GovConnection

    Part Number: 9654001

    Manufacturer Name: Opticon

    Shipping Information (must be shipped to CCSE for Inventory and


    Linda Wardhammar

    420 University Blvd

    CE 370

    Indianapolis, IN 46202

    1. Once scanners have arrived, CCSE will place them into inventory and contact you for pick up.

    2. Contact IUPUI HelpNet Services to have the software “OPN-2001 Companion Program” installed on any computer that is going to be used to upload the data.

  • Scanner Usage

    Scanners are to be used by the owning department, and not for use with student organization events (student organizations have this option available via the Student Activities Team).
    Additionally, only employed staff/faculty/student workers can remove the data for upload into the system.
  • Data Uploading

    Please follow the steps below to extract and upload your data into the Den system:

    • Plug in scanner to computer terminal (Companion Program must be installed)

    • Open companion program

    • Select "Save to File"

    • Click the "..." next to the "Save to File" button

    • Select a local folder to store your scan data.

    • Click "Get Barcodes" with the following settings:Confirm the data CSV file is in the destination folder.

      • Display Selections: Symbology, Time of Scan, Date of Scan, Header Row
      • Formatting Options: CSV
      • Date: USA
    • Click "Delete barcodes" until the scanner beeps confirming student data deletion

    • Open CSV file in Microsoft Excel

    • Right click on barcode column (should be the first one)

    • Confirm that the column formatting is numbers with NO decimals

    • Open the Den system (

    • Go to event page for scan data

    • On event page, click "Track Attendance"

    • Click "Add Attendance"

    • Click "Text Entry", selecting CARD ID NUMBER

    • Copy and past the card IDs from the CSV file into the text block.

    • Click "ADD"

  • Accessing Den Data

    Student Organizations and Departments are able to access limited data directly from the Den system (student names and emails).

    Please follow the steps below to access your data:

    • Log into the Den system (

    • Go to the event page (scanner data must have already been uploaded into the system)

    • On event page, click "Track Attendance"

    • Click "Export"