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Each week the Student Activities Team sends out a student organization newsletter to all registered student organizations on campus. Each edition is unique and provides helpful information for student organizations. For more information about the student organization newsletter please contact the Student Activities Team at

  • What is typically included in the newsletter?

    Great question! Content for the newsletter varies from edition to edition, however there are some commonalities. Below is a list of some common content that is provided in the newsletter:

    • Upcoming Student Organization Events

    • Volunteer Opportunities

    • Educational Events

    • Policy Changes

    • New Resources

    • Student Organization Deadlines

  • How do I receive the newsletter?

    Primary contacts for student organizations are automatically added to our listserv. If you are interested in recieving the newsletter please complete the form below:

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  • Can I advertise events and services in the newsletter?

    Yes! The student activities team will review information it recieves for inclusion in the newsletter to make sure it is appropriate for student organization distribution. All decisions made about the content of the newsletter by the student activities team are final.

    To have your event or service included in the newsletter, please complete the form below:

  • I received the newsletter and I do not want to anymore.

    We apolagize for any confusion. Please scroll to the bottom of our newsletter and click the "unsibscribe from this list" link to be removed from our listserv.

    If you have any questions please contact the Student Activities Team at

  • Can I review past newsletters?

    Yes! We archive past newsletters for review. If you would like to access the archive, please click here.