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Many events/programs require a unique space to be successful. Some of these spaces are housed outside of the Campus Center. These spaces are reffered to as auxiliary spaces on campus. While the rental of the space is free for student organizations, there may be additional costs depending on the nature of your event and the space you plan on using.

The Office of Student Involvement has partnered with these space providers to allow for a streamlined reservation process for student organizations. We currently have agreements with the following space providers:

  • The Jungle

    The home of the Jaguars at IUPUI, this space is a fully functional gynmasium with bleachers. The floor of this space must remain in optimal condition for hosting Division I games, so restrictions on the type of event may apply for this space.

    For more information about this space, click here.

    To reserve this space please use the form here.

  • Auxiliary Gym

    This space is a functional gymnasium.

    For more information about this space, click here.

    To reserve this space please use the form here.

  • Natatorium

    One of the leading pools in the country, the Natatorium provides student organizations with two options for their nautical needs. The main competition pool is home to many national, regional, and local events.

    The instructional pool is the ideal learning environment. With water temperatures around 88 degrees, this pool provides an excellent programming opportunity for your events.

    Anemities for this space:

    • Locker Room Access
    • Power

    For more information about this space please visit the website.