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Student Organization FAQs
  • What are the requirements to start a new student organization?

    Prior to beginning this process, please log into The Den and check to ensure that there is no organization that mimics the intentions of your group. Per IU policies, duplicate organizations are not allowed. Each individual organization must meet a need not already met on campus.

    1. Gather 5 IUPUI student members and their IUPUI email addresses
    2. Get approval from a full-time IUPUI faculty or staff member to serve as advisor
    3. Create constitution and bylaws for the organization
    4. Register your student organization on The Den under the “Organizations” tab
    5. One member of the organization must attend a Nuts and Bolts session. (One member can represent up to two organizations for Nuts and Bolts training). Session dates and times are located here.
  • How do I register a new student organization?

    To register a new student organization:

    1. Log into The Den
    2. Click on “Organizations”
    3. Scroll down to the bottom left hand corner
    4. Click “Register”
    5. Complete form in its entirety and submit for registration. 
  • What are the requirements to be and remain a Registered Student Organization (RSO)?

    • At least five active IUPUI student members
    • A full-time faculty or staff member to serve as an advisor
    • An up to date constitution in digital format
    • Send at least one representative to a Nuts & Bolts session
    • Annually re-register with Office of the Campus Center and Student Experiences
    • Adhere to all student organization policies and procedures, as outlined in Nuts & Bolts.
  • How do I change the primary contact for my student organization?

    All primary contact changes must be done by the current primary contact. If the current primary contact is unavailable, primary contact changes can be completed by the Student Activities Team. They can be contacted at Primary contact email address must be the student's IUPUI email address.

  • Why are student organizations required to register their events and how do I register a student organization event?

    For risk management and liability purposes, the IU system requires student organizations to submit and register their organizational events through The Den. All student organizations at IUPUI are required to submit their ON and OFF campus organizational events through The Den. In order for student organizations to hold these events, they must approved by the appropriate campus partners and ultimately, be successfully registered through The Den. Otherwise, the event CANNOT take place.

    The steps to register a student organization event are:

    1. Log into The Den
    2. Go to your student organization’s homepage
    3. Select “Events” tab
    4. Click on “Create Event"
    5. Complete the Event Form in its entirety and submit to undergo the event activity registration process

    Unless the student organization event qualifies for one of the exceptions listed below, student organizations must submit their events at least three weeks (21 days) in advance of the date of their event.

    Exceptions to the three weeks (21 days) rule:

    • One week (7 days) rule:
      • Basic meeting (no risk with tables, chairs, and bodies ONLY! No food allowed)
      • Basic tabling
    • Six weeks (42 days) rule:
      • Early Opening/Late Closing events in the Campus Center must be requested SIX weeks in advance in order to allow for scheduling and staffing (FYI: there are fees involved).
      • Events to be held at/in Campus Recreation spaces (Natatorium, CROF, etc.) must be requested SIX weeks in advance in order to allow for scheduling and staffing (FYI: there could be fees involved depending on nature of event).
  • Who can serve as an advisor for student organizations?

    Any full-time IUPUI faculty or staff member can serve advisor for a student organization. Undergraduate and graduate students are not qualified to serve as an advisor. For legal purposes, part-time staff and faculty are not allowed to serve as a student organization advisor.

  • What is the role of an advisor in a student organization?

    Advisors provide support, consistency, and advice to student organizations, but do not act as supervisors of the organization’s activities. The process of recruiting or replacing an advisor is the responsibility of the SGSO. The Dean of Students reserves the right to remove an advisor in cases of misconduct.

  • What are the requirements to serve as a student organization advisor?

    While the role of advisor for student organizations is organic in nature, the Office of the Campus Center and Student Experiences encourages all student organization advisors to adhere to the following:

    • To assist students in developing strategies and goals that provide for member ownership, feedback and involvement.
    • To be aware of the student organization's constitution, by-laws and policies and assist the group in updating these documents and setting goals when necessary. Constitutions are available in the Office of the Campus Center and Student Experiences and on the organization's The DEN profile.
    • To assist the student organization in program development and planning, including assisting organizations in managing liability and risk.
    • To encourage the organizational leadership to attend leadership development opportunities, including those offered to students at IUPUI through the required Nuts & Bolts session.
    • To complete Advisor Competency Education requirements as facilitated by the Office of the Campus Center and Student Experiences. Please note that the Advisor Competency Program is currently undergoing review and update. Consequently, the program has been suspended for the 2016-2017 academic year and will be re-introduced in Fall 2017.
    • To encourage the officers and individual members to preserve the continuity of the group by keeping records to document the group's history and providing transition activities for new officers.
    • To encourage students to understand and apply democratic principles, including recognition of minority opinions and rights.
    • To attend as many organization meetings and events as possible.
    • To articulate campus policies and procedures.
    • To be a facilitator among both officers and between officers and members.
    • To be familiar with national organizational structure and services, if relevant.
    • To be a resource for students especially in regard to understanding University policies, regulations and services.
    • Consult with other University departments when problems arise with the student organization.
    • Providing assistance in the administration of financial affairs of the student organization, including serving as the collection point for all monies via mail.
    • To inform the Office of the Campus Center and Student Experiences in writing if he or she is no longer able to serve or does not wish to serve as advisor to the student organization.
  • Is there a way students can find all the events going on around campus?

    All student organization events that are open to the campus community can be found through The Den under the “Events” tab.

  • How do I reserve space on campus for my student organization’s event?

    Through the event activity registration process in The Den, student organizations are able to reserve space for the event and submit the event to be registered, which is required by IU student organization policy.

  • How can I find out more about involvement opportunities on IUPUI’s campus?

    If you are looking to get involved on campus, you should visit our online student organization management system at The Den. There, you can find any events the 450+ student organizations at IUPUI are hosting and locate the primary contact information for these organizations.
  • How can my student organization request funding?

    Please visit the student organization funding page for information on the student organization funding process.

  • Where do I get liability waivers?

    Any student organization event or activity that involves participants being physically active (excluding sitting, standing, or walking), a waiver is required. When you register your organization’s event through the event registration process in The Den, a member of the Student Activities Team will receive notification that your event requires a waiver. Once all necessary campus partners have reviewed the event submission and deemed it permissible, waivers will be created and waiver pick up information will be provided. Please note that student organizations CANNOT create their own waivers.