Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you have a student just starting at IUPUI or have a senior getting ready to graduate, getting a college degree can be an overhwelming experience. You are going to have questions. Listed below are a just a few frequently asked questions divided into five categories.

Parent Involvment

Do you have questions about how to get involved in your student's experience? Want to know how particular services offered on campus apply to you? Check out these questions!

  • What is the purpose of the Jaguar Parent & Family Association?

      IUPUI’s Jaguar Family Association is free and open to all parents and family members of current students or alumni.  The mission of the Jaguar Family Association is to:

    • Empower parents and family members to serve a supportive role in their student’s education and development;
    • Provide a link between IUPUI students, parents, family members and the university community;
    • Encourage active participation in partnering with the university’s mission and values.
  • How can I get involved as a parent or family member?

    As a parent or family member of an IUPUI student, we welcome you to the Jaguar family!  We encourage you to explore one of the several ways for you to get involved:

    Join the Jaguar Family Association:

    We encourage all family members to join the Jaguar Family Association.  This is the perfect way to be stay in the loop with IUPUI events and news.  Members will receive an e-newsletter twice a semester, special invitations to campus events, and updates on University policies or news.  Family members can join online today at

  • Does IUPUI have an emergency notification system?

    Yes, JagAlert is the emergency notification system used by IUPUI to inform students, faculty, staff, and family members of any safety issues requiring immediate attention. Students need to log into OneStart to add family members and to ensure that all phone numbers, email addresses, and text message information is correct.  Encourage your student to visit the JagAlert website to learn how to register and encourage them to update it immediately after any contact information has changed to stay up to date.

  • What are my rights as a parent; will I get a copy of their grades?

    Due to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), parents are not authorized to receive a copy of students’ grades. If students have authorized 3rd Party Access to grades, parents and family members should be able to log in to OneStart using their personal username and password in order to view students’ grades.   

  • Where can I park (as a visitor) when I come to campus?

    Visitor parking is available in campus parking garages.  The fees for the garages range from $2-15.00 depending on the length of your visit. Please visit the Parking site to determine the best visitor lot based on your needs.

Student Experience

IUPUI students do, learn, and serve! So much is happening on campus and it is important that you and your student understand all of the opportunities available to them. These questions will help you and your student make sense of the college scene.

  • What are the first few weeks of college like for my student?

    The first few weeks of college are busy! The University and campus organizations sponsor events everyday throughout the first two weeks known as Weeks of Welcome (WOW). Students can enjoy outdoor movies, magicians, cultural events, service projects, and lots of other fun activities with free food at most of the events. You can view the calendar and learn more about all the WOW events at 

  • How can my student become involved? What is there to do on campus after classes and on the weekends?

    With more than 400 student organizations and campus intramurals, there is sure to be a way for all students to get involved.  The Office of Student Involvement (OSI) encourages student involvement through student organizations, leadership opportunities, civic engagement and experiences for students that allow for the practical application of what is learned in the classroom. OSI provides a balance of challenge and support designed to enhance students' educational growth.  

    In addition, Campus Recreation is designed to offer recreational, lifetime leisure and wellness opportunities to students, faculty and staff at IUPUI. The recreational programs promote healthy lifestyles through group fitness activities, wellness clinics, informal gym activities and weight training. Intramural programs include athletic, individual and team competitive sports designed to endorse a sense of campus life at IUPUI.

  • How can I learn more about study abroad experience so I can encourage my student to participate?

    Study abroad is an amazing opportunity and it's wonderful when families learn more about opportunities available. It is a big decision for students to make, but family support and guidance will help make it more of a reality. Family members can visit the Study Abroad website for more informaiton about the entire process.

  • How does my student obtain their student ID (Jagtag)?

    The Jagtag is IUPUI's official student ID and payment card which students will receive during Orientation (be sure to bring a valid ID to be eligible).  Students are required by the University to obtain a Jagtag and for the entire time they are a student, the Jagtag will be a:

    • Payment card — Make a deposit today at
    • Access card into residence halls
    • Campus recreation/ intramurals card
    • Library card
    • Discount card at the Jagtag office and local businesses
    • Printing card- undergraduate students receive 650 free black and white prints per semester

    Surprise students by adding money to their Jagtag to reward them for a job well done their first semester.  Stop by the Jagtag office located in the Campus Center or click here to make a deposit with just your student’s username.  

  • Is IUPUI a safe campus?

    The IUPUI Police Department is made up of full trained Indianapolis police officers and is dedicated to upholding the highest professional standards while serving the community in which students work and attend classes. They are committed to enforcement of laws to protect life and property, while also respecting individual rights, dignity, and community values. They are committed to creating and maintaining active police/community relationships and assisting the university and local communities in identifying and solving problems to improve the quality of life within our society. To learn more about the crime statistics, the crime prevention measures taken, and the services offered to your student, please visit

  • What discounts and perks are available through the Jagtag?

    Just for attending IUPUI and presenting their Jagtag at certain locations, students will receive several perks and discounts.  These discounts or promotions apply to various off-campus apartment homes, automotive, cell phone, computer, entertainment, and travel services.  Explore the entire list of discounts here.

  • How will my student purchase and download software?

    Many programs and types of software are available to IUPUI students for free or at a discounted rate.  Students can visit IUware to find out what programs can be downloaded directly to their computers.  In addition, with their Jagtag, students can purchase many programs for a discounted rate from Barnes & Noble at IUPUI.

  • What is OneStart and how does my student use it?

    OneStart is the webpage containing nearly all online services for IU students, faculty, and staff. OneStart provides easy access to register for classes, contact an advisor, view course information, grades, payment information from the Bursar, personal “to do” lists and reminders concerning financial aid, FAFSA, and scholarships and more.  Students will use OneStart constantly to pay tuition, stay on top of their “to do” list, check course information, and even use it for their timesheet if they have an on campus job.  

  • What if my student gets sick during the school year? Are services available?

    IUPUI Health Services is committed to providing quality primary care to students. The general services fee funds the Campus Center Student Health (CCSH) clinic and allows discounts for students seen in both clinics. Student Health also offers free wellness screenings, health & wellness clinics, STD testing, and other initiatives.   Students may make appointments or walk-in to the clinic.  In addition, some over the counter medications are available for headaches, upset stomachs, sore throats, allergies, and rashes. Condoms, chap sticks and other small giveaways are also available.  For questions or concerns about the CCSH, call at 274-CCSH (274-2274), email, or visit the Health Services website

  • What does a student living in IUPUI housing need regarding health information and vaccines?

    Students need to provide documentation of vaccine history or immunity of measles, mumps and rubella, varicella and pertussis before the fall semester begins. In order to submit records, please follow the instructions provided online by clicking here.  If you have questions or concerns, please call IUPUI Student Health Services at 274-1019.

  • Are computers available on campus?

    Student Technology Centers (STCs) are located in several buildings on campus. These facilities, which support both Intel- and Macintosh-based platforms, are open and staffed with consultants many hours each week, including a 24-hour STC. For more information about the Student Technology Centers and consulting, click here.  If students need assistance with printing, please click here.

  • Where does my student park?

    Valid permits are required to park on campus and the type of permit will depend on whether students live on campus or off campus IUPUI.  Parking rules are enforced 24/7. Students can visit the Parking site after July 15 to purchase and learn where they can park with that pass.  

  • Do students need a bike or car on campus?

    It really depends on students’ unique situations. Are they working on/off-campus? How far are they from home? These are a few questions to consider in the decision of whether or not students need a vehicle on campus.  Find solutions below for getting to and moving around the city and campus without a car.

    All students living in IUPUI Campus Housing will need to register their bicycle for a one-time fee of $5.00.  This policy only applies to students living on campus but any student who will be visiting Campus Housing frequently is welcome to register their bike with Housing and Residence as well.  For more information on registering a bicycle, please visit 

Housing Questions

Is your student going to be living on campus? What can they expect? The answers found here will be able to answer many of your questions! From paying to roommates, this section covers your housing questions.

  • What are the advantages of buying a meal plan versus putting money on my student’s Jagtag?

    IUPUI is excited to offer meal plans for students who need or want a pre-paid food option. Students appreciate not having to carry cash for meals and parents appreciate the peace of mind of sending students to college with a pre-paid plan for their food.  This meal plan money can only be spent on food, not on a t-shirt from the bookstore or a facial at the spa.  Need other reasons to enroll your student? Save sales tax on every dining purchase, easily budget meals and never lose your parking spot to run off campus to eat!

    Meal plans are available for purchase during enrollment each semester and can also be purchased after enrollment.  For more information about obtaining a meal plan through IUPUI Food Service click here.  

  • If my student doesn’t want to stay on campus to eat, what options are available within walking distance of campus?

    Since IUPUI is located right downtown, there are several options for student who choose to eat off campus.  Indiana Avenue is very close to campus and offers anything from pizza to subs to pasta for students as they grab food between classes.  Many of these restaurants even accept Jagtag- to learn who does, click here.

  • What housing options are available on campus?

    On-Campus Housing offers two first-year residential communities: Ball Residence Hall and University Tower. In addition to these facilities, North Hall, the Riverwalk Apartments and Townhomes and Park Place Apartments are available for first-year students as well as upperclassmen and graduate students. Students also have the opportunity to reside in Major or Theme Based Residential Based Learning Communities based on their interested and/or majors. Explore on-campus housing options by viewing sample floor plans, amenities, etc. by clicking here.

  • How does my student apply for campus housing?

    The Office of Housing and Residence Life has a guaranteed housing deadline that ensures all students who apply by March 15th will receive a contract to live on-campus. Because on-campus housing spaces are limited, students are encouraged to apply early and do not have to be admitted to the university before applying for housing. Apply today!

  • What should my student bring with them when they move onto campus?

    On-Campus housing contracts will be mailed and/or emailed to students between April and August, based on their application date.  Once students have a signed contract, they can visit the Housing and Residence Life website to learn what furniture and amenities will be included in their room and view the recommended packing lists online.

  • Can students stay in the residence halls over breaks?

    Ball Residence Hall and University Tower

    Ball Residence Hall and University Tower are closed during winter break.  During this period, residents will be required to vacate and will not have access to their room.  However they will retain their key and leave their belongings in their room. 

    Riverwalk Apartments, Townhomes and Park Place

    The Riverwalk Apartments, Townhomes & Park Place are open for fall, winter & spring break. Residents will have access to their rooms throughout the entire break, without incurring any additional charges.

    For more information, please visit the current resident resource guide for break information by clicking here.

  • What happens if my student has a roommate issue?

    When students feel a roommate concern needs to be addressed, they need to first contact the Resident Assistant. All residents who live together will complete a roommate agreement. If the roommate agreement does not address conflicts, residents may be asked to complete a more formal roommate contract.  Once a roommate contract is completed, any roommate violating the agreement may be required to transfer to a different room. Failure to constructively participate in the process may result in a room change and fines.

Financial Questions

Have questions surrounding paying for college, textbooks, and other living expenses on and off campus? This section will detail how you or your student pays for college among other items.

  • How can I pay my student’s tuition?

    Students will be notified through OneStart when their tuition bill is ready to be paid.  From their OneStart account, they will need to create an account for family members who will be authorized payers.  Once that is completed, families will have access through their own personalized log in to pay tuition using the OneStart QuickPAY system.  For more information on this process, click here

  • How are on-campus jobs obtained?

    Campus employment can be obtained in several ways but the most popular is by using JagJobs, IUPUI’s online employment system.  In addition, students are invited to an Employment Part-Time Job Fair in the fall, hosted by the Office of Student Employment with 75+ on and off campus employers.  This is a great opportunity to meet face-to-face with potential employers if students are seeking part-time positions.  

  • Are there jobs on campus for students who are not receiving work study money?

    Non-work study jobs are available at IUPUI and allow students to earn money for educational and living expenses. Positions are located in a wide variety of sectors and include part-time, as well as full-time job opportunities. Students should just confirm that employers are hiring any student, not just work study eligible students.  Again, students should visit JagJobs to review all the positions available.

  • How do I pay for the on-campus housing for my student?

    Individuals accepting assigned on-campus housing accommodations are required to make a pre-payment at the time the housing contract is signed; the amount due is listed on your contract. Prepayments must accompany the signed contract and be returned directly to the main housing office for processing.

    Ball Residence Hall, University Tower, North Hall, Riverwalk Apartments and Townhomes

    Housing charges, including rent and the Residence Life programming fee, are billed in full on a semester basis to the student’s Bursar account. Payment is due and payable according to the Bursar billing due dates with all housing charges paid in full prior to mid-term exam period. For more information, please visit the Billing and Payments section of the Housing and Residence Life website.

    Park Place

    Students residing in Park Place will pay monthly rent directly to Park Place, with the option to pay rent in advance. 

Academic Questions

Have a question regarding the academic experience? Want to know about textbooks and workload? Need information on how to access your student's information or OneStart? The answers to these questions can be found here. 

  • Where can I access the University calendar?

    To stay up to date on university breaks, holidays, and academic deadlines, visit the Registrar website for a semester and long term view at the calendar.  

  • What is OneStart and how does my student use it?

    OneStart is the webpage containing nearly all online services for IU students, faculty, and staff. OneStart provides easy access to register for classes, contact an advisor, view course information, grades, payment information from the Bursar, personal “to do” lists and reminders concerning financial aid, FAFSA, and scholarships and more.  Students will use OneStart constantly to pay tuition, stay on top of their “to do” list, check course information, and even use it for their timesheet if they have an on campus job.  

  • Who will be my student’s academic advisor?

    Students who are part of University College can meet with any Academic and Career Development academic advisor.  They may have an assigned advisor from orientation or learning community and can enter the Student Center through OneStart to locate this information.  If your student is entering directly into their major’s school (School of Science, School of Liberal Arts, etc.), they will likely have an assigned advisor in that particular school.

  • How can my son/daughter select a major if they are undecided? How do they change majors?

    Many students come to IUPUI uncertain of what they want to study, in part because they do not know all their options, and because they are unsure of their own strengths. They may want to remain undecided until they explore all their options and feel more certain about their direction. Assistance is available to exploratory students to allow them to explore possible programs of study. Advisors may urge students to meet with a career counselor in Academic and Career Development for assistance with the major and career exploration process. There are also a number of courses specifically focused on helping students make decisions about their major and career choices. Exploring possible options early in a college career is common and highly recommended, rather than changing direction in the junior or senior year.

  • Do you have any tutoring programs to assist my student?

    The University College Bepko Learning Center offers several ways to help students who are struggling academically.  Within this center, the Office of Academic Enrichment, Office of Academic Mentoring, and Office of Tutorial Support are housed.  Each offers a slightly different service and the staff who work in Bepko are more than happy to help students decide which service is right for them.  To find out more about the center, please visit the Bepko Learning Center site. 

    The Office of Academic Enrichment works to provide services in alignment with the mission of the Bepko Learning Center by serving as a primary point of contact and as a follow-up for students in need of academic support. In addition, the Office of Academic Enrichment provides free study skills assistance in areas such as time management, note taking, test taking, test preparation, stress management, and study strategies in the form of workshops and one-on-one mentoring sessions.

    The Office of Academic Mentoring provides support services to academic peer mentoring programs in various courses. It is their mission to recruit, train, and develop highly qualified student mentors to provide students with assistance in successfully navigating through these courses.  Promoting communication and collaboration between students, mentors, and instructors is a core principle of the Office of Academic Mentoring.

    The Office of Tutorial Support strives to serve all IUPUI undergraduate students in connecting them with departmental-certified tutoring assistance with a major focus on gateway courses. In conjunction with all departments on campus, it is the mission of the Office of Tutorial Support to disseminate peer and departmental academic support services to students and to publicize specialized support programs provided to specific student populations.  A downloadable free departmental tutoring list is available.

    In addition to these personalized tutoring and mentoring programs, IUPUI also offers math, writing, and speaker’s labs.  The individual websites for each lab offer more information and are provided below:

                Math Assistance Center         

                Writing Center

                Speaker’s Lab

  • What if my student doesn’t attend class - will there be consequences?

    The specific consequences will depend on the course in which students are enrolled.  The guidelines surrounding how their attendance is recorded will be spelled out in their syllabus at the beginning of the semester.  However, in many departments, if students miss more than 50% of their class sessions, they can be administratively withdrawn from the course unless documentation of contact with their course instructor, academic unit or academic advisor is provided.  For more information on this policy, click here.  

  • How do I get access to my student’s accounts and grades?

    Due to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), parents are not automatically authorized to access students’ accounts or grades.  When students turn 18 years of age or attend a post-secondary institution, only the student may access, seek to amend, and consent to disclosures of his or her education records.  However, students who wish to authorize access to their confidential student record information may grant 3rd Party Access.  This feature can be found in OneStart Student Self-Service under “Assign 3rd Party Access”.  Within this feature, students are able to designate what permissions they would like to grant, including holds on a record, financial aid awards, grades, their class schedule, etc.  Once the student authorizes 3rd Party Access to any or all of the information, the parent or family member will create their own username and password to be able to access the approved information.  

  • How do I get my student withdrawn from classes?

    Due to the rules surrounding FERPA, students will need to meet with their advisor personally to withdraw from classes.  Family members are allowed to attend that meeting with students, but the student must be present for them to be withdrawn from their own courses.