What's the Behavior Consultation Team?

Have you ever been concerned about the health or wellbeing of your student but not known what to do? Contacting IUPUI’s Behavioral Consultation Team (BCT) may be the answer.

The Behavioral Consultation Team (BCT) is a campus wide team designed to support the health, safety, and success of the IUPUI community. BCT members represent a wide range of offices that work directly with students in their academic and co-curricular activities. Administrative offices and IU Police are also represented.

The purpose of the BCT is to understand the situation and recommend resources and responses before the situation becomes an emergency. The BCT typically does not reach out to a student directly. Rather, the first step is contacting the person that made the report to gather additional information. The BCT then provides the reporting person with initial recommendations for following-up with the student, including campus resources that may help the student in their current situation.

The BCT may further investigate the situation by checking in with campus partners to determine if others have noticed a change in the student’s behavior or functioning. The goal is to make sure the student is aware of all resources available to support their wellbeing and academic success.

Reports of concerning behavior may be made to the BCT through an on-line reporting system, or by phone call to a coordinating team member.

All concerns needing immediate attention should be directed to the IUPUI Police at (317) 274-7911.

Additional campus resources are also listed at the bottom of the BCT web-page (bct.iupui.edu).

Please contact us if we can help support your student!