Here's What You Should Know About the Degree Completion Office

The Degree Completion Office (DCO) at IUPUI, is a student services office established specifically to meet the needs of adult students at IUPUI who have chosen to return to complete their college degree. We know that there are many reasons behind a student’s decision to stop attending college – often life just gets in the way. Regardless of a person’s reason for taking a break, there are a few primary reasons that motivate a person to return to complete their degree.

In order to assist adults in achieving their goals, it’s important to understand the motivations and priorities of the population that we serve. To gain this understanding, the DCO conducted research on adults in the Indianapolis area who were considering returning to school. Of those surveyed, the majority indicated that a career change or career advancement were among their primary reasons for returning to college to earn their degree.

In the interest of meeting the needs of our adult student population, the DCO hired a career consultant, Robert Smith, who is specially trained to work with adult learners. Guiding adults through a career development process focused on learning values and interest, exploring potential industries, telling their story to recruiters and developing plans to achieve goals, career development in the Degree Completion Office is truly a holistic process. This process is designed to help students fulfil their promise, both on campus and after graduation.

In addition to our adult centered career consulting support, we have expert success coaches on staff to offer information, support, resources and more.

For more information about the services the Degree Completion Office offers, visit our website.