Bepko Learning Center

Bepko Learning Center: Source for Academic Enrichment, Academic Mentoring, and Tutorial Support

The Bepko Learning Center helps undergraduate students engage in activities to achieve their academic goals and to assist in their development of academic skills through the guidance of more experienced, highly successful peers.  Collaborative learning, role modeling, peer interaction, and peer support are all key components of this process.  Services that can prove to be very helpful to students during this time in the semester include: StudentLingo, academic success coaching, and Tutor Matching Service.

StudentLingo is an easy-to-navigate online student resource housing videos on academic success strategies and tools.  All 20 videos are accessible to IUPUI students at no cost.  These videos cover three major areas: learning to learn, personal management, and online learning.  There are also special interest videos, including learning styles and study strategies, how to reduce test anxiety and test-taking tactics, time management skills, and goal-setting strategies.  All StudentLingo videos are hosted by leading experts in student development and academic achievement and engage students through interactive activities and presentations.

Another service that can offer students support is academic success coaching.  One of the main roles success coaches have is to assist students in identifying and achieving their academic goals.  Success coaches use a strengths-focused approach to build on areas that students need to improve by providing encouragement and support.  Through weekly meetings, students learn various strategies and techniques to help with academic difficulty.  No appointments are necessary, just stop by Taylor Hall, UC 2006 to meet with a success coach.

Additionally, if no other departmental academic support can be found, Tutor Matching Service may be a viable option for students.  Students can search online for tutors who have been certified to provide academic assistance.  All tutors must have a 3.0 grade point average, have taken tutored courses at IUPUI, and be approved by the instructor of the course.  If a student would like a more one-on-one approach, this option might make sense.

The Bepko Learning Center has a multitude of services available for students to learn from successful peers.  To learn more about services and programming, please go to  

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