IUPUI Students Explore HLS

The Health and Life Sciences Advising Center has had a very active schedule these past few weeks welcoming students to campus.  Our passion is helping students explore the scope of majors and careers within the fields of health and life sciences (HLS).  We have held educational workshops, co-hosted events with the Health Careers Club student organization, and have been advising students individually in our offices and in groups all around campus.  We have many more programs ahead this semester which can be found on our website’s Events Calendar: hls.iupui.edu.

On September 27th, during IUPUI’s Fall Career Week, we hosted our favorite and most popular event, the annual HLS Experience Expo.  The expo attracted over 200 students who seized the opportunity to explore and learn from 43 different exhibitors representing local health-focused community causes and campus student organizations, as well as health-focused majors at IUPUI.  It has been so rewarding to hear students share their enthusiasm over new discoveries and exciting new opportunities. One student reflected, “The HLS Expo was helpful because I was struggling to find different clubs to join or find volunteer work, and this put everything I needed right in front of me.” Another told us that they were “glad this is available for me to learn about [careers] early.”

Exploring health and life science careers can be challenging because new areas of study are always emerging and the field is so expansive.  Our best advice to students who are discovering and building their primary and parallel academic plans (and, yes, everyone should have a parallel plan) is to get involved and explore.  Students can explore through shadowing, volunteering, joining causes, and asking questions through informal interviews with professionals.  Since exploring is the name of the game, our staff see themselves as navigators, as well as advisors.  So, in addition to guiding students as they choose classes for the upcoming semester, our staff also has conversations with students about how to explore professional possibilities and find a healthcare path that is the best fit!

To learn more about health and life science advising resources, please visit us on the web.