New Office to Increase IUPUI Student Wellbeing

Going to college is one of life’s most rewarding and challenging experiences. A student’s ability to persevere while at IUPUI and develop into a contributing member of the larger community is dependent upon their ability to understand and apply wellbeing into their daily lifestyle. To address the need for holistic student wellbeing on campus, the Division of Student Affairs created a new department, the Office of Health and Wellness Promotion (HWP), for students. The Office of Health and Wellness Promotion cultivates the knowledge, skills and confidence of students to create an environment that supports making healthier and responsible choices consistent with their personal values.

This new effort is part of the division’s plan to expand the current quality services to meet the needs of today's college student. While HWP focuses on prevention, programs and outreach, it will undoubtedly complement clinical services and treatment being offered through Student Health and Counselling and Psychological Services (CAPS). Current research shows that students are arriving on campuses with higher levels of stress, greater expectations of self and their college experience, concerns over what the future holds, and are struggling more in and out of the classroom. HWP will provide a holistic approach to support your student’s success!

Taking the current three prevention experts from Student Health and CAPS to create this new office has big implications for the way IUPUI views student health and wellbeing. Creation of this new office sets the precedent that a student’s health and wellbeing is fundamental to their success in and out of the classroom. HWP offers or collaborates, to provide free presentations, programs and outreach for all students within 6 dimensions of wellness: Physical, Emotional, Social, Intellectual, Environmental and Spiritual. Please encourage your student(s) to attend our presentations and events and/or participate in our student initiatives.

Mental Health Screening – Thursday, Oct 8 11am-2pm @ Campus Center Atrium – free mental health screening with trained professionals

Unplugged Coffeehouse – Friday, Oct 9 9-11pm @ University Tower 2nd Floor – free coffee and live acoustic music

JagFit  - online resource to help your student meet personal wellness goals

For more information and to meet our staff, please visit our website: or contact the Director, Shawnte Elbert at, 317-274-4204.