IUPUI's Student Safety Initiatives

Whether your student lives on campus or commutes every day, student safety is important for all families. It is a top priority for IUPUI as well. Creating a safe environment for all members of our community ensures the best place for everyone to learn and grow during their time here. IUPUI has several ongoing programs which help to create a safer environment at IUPUI. We encourage you to review these programs with your student so we can all help make IUPUI a safe place.

 IUPUI Police Department

The IUPUI Police Department is a professional police department on IUPUI’s campus. These police officers, in addition to being fully trained, also specialize in working in a college environment which poses its own unique challenges and opportunities. The IUPUI Police Department also works closely with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department to address the campus’s safety concerns.

 IUPUI Safewalk Program

Having a large commuter population often means that many of our students walk from late night classes to vehicles parked in distant locations on campus. The IUPUI Safewalk Program provides a safety escort 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to any member of our community. Students who feel unsafe or are concerned about a walk back to a car or another location can call 317-274-7233 (SAFE) and an officer will arrive shortly to escort the student. Additional police employees are available between 6pm and midnight to help meet additional escorting needs.

 JagNation – Bystander Training

Safety on campus requires more than just IUPUI police. Every member of the community plays a role in ensuring our safety. JagNation, an initiative from the Office of Health and Wellness Promotion, provides a bystander training that helps students recognize signs of aggression or sexual assault in the early stages and coaches students on multiple ways to intervene. IUPUI never wants a student to be in a situation where self-defense is the only option, and bystander training prepares students to collectively look out for one another and help create a safer environment.

 RAD (Rape Aggression Defense) Class

While striving to create an environment absent of aggressive assault, IUPUI also seeks to provide students with every tool necessary to ensure personal safety. The RAD system is a comprehensive course for women that begins with awareness, prevention, risk reduction and avoidance, in addition to the basics of hands-on defense training. Courses are taught by certified instructors and participants are provided with materials. Your student can register for this course here.