Student Advocacy and Support

Emergency Withdrawal Services

The IUPUI Student Advocate serves as the initial point of contact for students with a major illness/hospitalization. Students and/or family members should call the Student Advocate for assistance.

What constitutes an emergency?

Hospitalization or illness that requires a student to be out for 3 or more instructional days
Death in immediate family
Unable to complete academic work

Absence from Class due to Emergency

If a student misses classes due to illness, injury, family emergency, or some other reason, it is the responsibility of the student to notify the instructors of the absence as soon as possible. The Student Advocate will not normally send notice of absence to instructional staff unless the student is unable to do so themselves (i.e. hospitalization). An absence notification will only be sent out if the student will miss 3 or more instructional days.

Accommodations and make-up procedures are at the discretion of the faculty member. A withdraw from classes may be necessary for extended absences.

What do students need to have in order to withdraw or file an appeal?

Depending on the time of the semester, varying amounts of documentation may be required.
Documentation should address the following (if applicable):

  1. What is the medical diagnosis of the health condition for which the student is receiving treatment?
  2. When was the last time, and for how long, were you provided treatment for this condition?
  3. Has the medical condition worsened since the individual enrolled in college? If yes, please identify any exacerbating factors that have been involved
  4. Please list any reasons why it is necessary for the student to withdraw from the University
  5. Contact information (name, address, phone, and fax) in case further communication is needed
  6. The documentation should be signed and dated and include name, address, phone, and fax number

Please contact our office before submitting documentation.

Students requesting appeals for Tuition, Withdrawals / Grade Changes, or Housing should be sure to check with the appropriate office for specific information. Specific information and forms can be found at our Universities Policies & Procedures page.

Emergency Withdrawal Procedures