Student Advocacy and Support

Faculty and Staff Resources

Depending on your role on or off campus, you could be the first person to identify a student needs help.

We recommend you:

Make a referral to the Student Advocate by completing the form. The Student Advocate may reach out to the student in need, depending on the situation.

What happens when a referral form is completed?

A referral to the Student Advocate is a great way to help. Depending on the nature of the referral, we may:

  • Contact the student to offer voluntary assistance
  • Connect the student with resources on and off campus
  • Help the student come up with an action plan

If you are ever unsure about how to help, or a student's needs are more than you feel prepared to address, the Student Advocate accepts referrals. You can also call (317-274-4431) to consult by phone call or email

If you have helped a student resolve an issue, but you suspect more assistance is required, contact us.