Student Advocacy and Support

Mission Statement: To support and empower students by providing resources, referrals, information, and consultation regarding barriers to academic and personal success. OSAS works closely with campus and community partners in advocating for student needs and serves as a centralized location for accessing resources.

Vision Statement: To be recognized for our commitment to supporting students living both on and off campus in securing the resources needed to promote academic and personal success.

The Office of Student Advocacy and Support provides assistance with the following services:

  • Off-campus student services 
  • Advocacy and help in working with faculty/staff and navigating campus procedures
  • Food assistance to all IUPUI faculty, staff, and students available through Paw's Pantry
  • Support to under-resourced students in using resources in the campus and local communities

The Office of Student Advocacy and Support strives to listen carefully to your concerns, explain relevant policies and procedures, discuss possible courses of action, and provide guidance, while respecting students' rights to privacy within the confines of the law and university policy.

Our philosophy is that even during difficult times, students and their families should be empowered with the resources to make informed decisions and take a proactive role in the resolution process.

The University strives to uphold privacy and confidentiality as much as possible, and only shares information with those who have a need to know in order to respond.

Individuals who desire anonymity in discussing and seeking assistance about sexual misconduct should contact and/or be referred to a confidential employee. The Student Advocate is not a confidential employee. Matters of sexual misconduct disclosed with the Student Advocate will be shared with the Title IX Coordinator who can provide additional resources and support.

Confidential employees on the IUPUI campus include licensed, professional mental health counselors at Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS), 317-274-2548, the Sexual Assault Education and Prevention Specialist, 317-274-2503, and health center employees at the Student Health Center, 317-274-2274.

We are here to support you! Our staff look forward to working with you and helping you! For more information, please call 317-274-4431, or visit us in the Campus Center, Room 270.