Student Conduct

Submit a Report

We invite you to collaborate with the Office of Student Conduct by submitting a report of your concerns.  Please click on the link below that will route you to the proper reporting form based on the nature of your concerns.

  • Academic Misconduct

    Incidents of Academic Misconduct are most properly addressed by the faculty instructor of the course or academic administration of the school in which a course is registered.  If you wish to report academic misconduct through our online form, your report will be sent to the Office of Student Conduct for further review and possible referral to the school or unit for follow up.

    The Academic Misconduct Procedures packet for faculty can be found here, as well.

  • Personal and/or Sexual Misconduct

    We encourage members of the community to report incidents of Personal Misconduct or Sexual Misconduct to the Office of Student Conduct. The Office of Student Conduct will review the matter in light of the policies and procedures articulated under the Indiana University Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Conduct and/or the Indiana University Sexual Misconduct Policy.  We encourage you to submit your report through the use of our online form.

  • Discrimination, Harassment, Hate, or Retaliation

    We encourage members of the community to report incidents of student on student incidents of discrimination, harassment, hate, or retaliation by completing an online form

  • Behavioral Consultation

    The best approach to managing concerning behaviors is often a holistic one and that is the approach of the Behavrioal Consultation Team (BCT).

    At IUPUI, the BCT is designed for early intervention regarding behavioral issues to help support the health, safety, and success of the IUPUI community.

    For more information, visit the BCT here.