Sexual Assault & Relationship Violence

Prevention and Education

IUPUI is committed to primary prevention – intervening before acts of violence occur. To do that, we need to know what sexual assault and relationship violence is, when and where it happens, why it persists, and how to stop it. Primary prevention involves everyone. Check out the information below to learn more about primary prevention efforts at IUPUI.  


  • Sexual Assault Prevention

    The campus sponsors several opportunities for students, faculty, and staff to learn the facts about sexual assault and relationship violence. For more information about available presentations and events related to prevention, bystander intervention, and responding to survivors of sexual or relationship violence, contact one of the following offices:

  • Survivor Advocacy and Support

    Confidential resources are available to provide support and advocacy for victims of sexual assault and relationship violence. You may contact these resources directly at:

    or contact IUPUI CAPS:
    Ask for Julie or Mike

    These confidential employees will not disclose your identity to University officials or law enforcement without your consent. In addition to providing support and advocacy, they can also inform you of your rights related to University policies and procedures and according to state and federal laws.

    Confidential employees will track the number of reports of sexual assault and relationship violence made to this office each month, and share these aggregate numbers to assist in prevention efforts and mitigate imminent threats to the campus community. YOUR identity will remain confidential.

  • Sexual Asaault Prevention, Intervention, and Response Task Force (SAPIR)

    A campus-wide coalition to initiate and coordinate efforts addressing sexual assault and intimate partner violence on the IUPUI campus. The task force provides a forum for: planning and coordinating primary prevention and education efforts for students, faculty and staff; advocating for victims’ rights; coordinating campus campaigns; and, developing community partnerships.

  • IUPUI Campus Survey

    In March 2016, the University distributed the Community Attitudes and Experiences with Sexual Assault and Misconduct Survey to all students on Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) campus.

    The results are in! 

    IUPUI Campus Survey Results
  • Stop Sexual Violence Resources

    For information about University policies, procedures, and resources, go to


  • Health and Wellness Promotion

    Preventing sexual assault and relationship violence is a part of building a healthy community!

    Check out the Office of Health and Wellness Promotion for events, activities, and resources supporting holistic health and wellness.
    Find out more about JagNation: A Culture of Care focused on creating a safe and positive campus climate at IUPUI through bystander intervention, acts of kindness, and school spirit.

    Alcohol and other drugs can be factors in sexual assault and relationship violence. Learn more about Alcohol and Drug Prevention at IUPUI.