Sexual Assault & Relationship Violence


There are several reporting options for victims of sexual assault and relationship violence, including reporting to campus or local law enforcement, going through the student conduct system, and/or filing a Title IX complaint. Campus authorities will assist in notifying law enforcement if requested. Law enforcement involvement can also be declined.

Most, but not all, University employees are required to report names and details of any incident of sexual violence that has been brought to their attention to the Title IX Coordinator or designated Deputy Coordinators on their campus for further investigation.

To learn more about reporting options
  • Survivor Advocacy and Support

    Confidential resources are available to provide support and advocacy for victims of sexual assault and relationship violence. You may contact these resources directly at:

    or contact IUPUI CAPS:
    Ask for Julie or Mike

    These confidential employees will not disclose your identity to University officials or law enforcement without your consent. In addition to providing support and advocacy, they can also inform you of your rights related to University policies and procedures and according to state and federal laws.

    Confidential employees will track the number of reports of sexual assault and relationship violence made to this office each month, and share these aggregate numbers to assist in prevention efforts and mitigate imminent threats to the campus community. YOUR identity will remain confidential.

  • Counseling and Psychological Services

    CAPS counselors will not disclose your name of details of your sitatuion to University officials or law enforcement without your written consent, except in cases where there is immediate threat of harm to yourself or others.

  • Campus Health Services

  • Explanation of Reporting Options

    An overview or reporting options to address violations of law or University policies.

How to report
  • Local Police Departments

    It is important to report all criminal activity to the proper law enforcement authority, especially if a situation arises that threatens the health or safety of any member of the community.

    • Indiana University Police in Indianapolis 317.274.7911 (911 from a university phone)
    • Indianapolis Metropolitan Police 317.327.3811 (911 from a non-university phone)
  • Office of Student Conduct

    The Office of Student Conduct will receive reports of offenses which may have violated university policy. The Office of Student Conduct has made available a public reporting form in order to submit a complaint or report to the university.

    Submit a Report Online

    Or call (317) 274-4431

  • Office of Equal Opportunity

    Sexual assault and relationship violence are considered forms of sexual harassment. The IUPUI Office of Equal Opportunity is responsible for implementation and enforcement of violations of the Indiana University Sexual Harassment policy.

    IUPUI Office of Equal Opportunity

    The IUPUI OEO-Hotline is established to provide the University community with additional informal and alternative means to anonymously communicate their concerns regarding issues of equity, discrimination and/or harassment.

    (866) 245-1310

  • Campus Title IX Contacts

    Sexual assault and sexual harassment are forms of gender discrimination. This site provides the names and contact information of IU and IUPUI staff members with primary responsibilities related to Title IX compliance and implementation of programs and services.

    IUPUI and IU Title IX Compliance Officers

Who must report
  • Confidentiality

    Licensed mental health and medical providers, as well as specified advocates, are considered confidential resources. Most other University employees are required to report names and details of any incident of sexual violence that has been brought to their attention.

    IUPUI's Sexual Assault Education and Prevention Specialist is a confidential resource and can assist you in identifying your reporting options. Please refer to the relevant section above, or click here for contact information.

  • Employee Reporting Responsibilities

    Faculty and staff are often sought out by students to address issues outside of the curricular and co-curricular involvement with the university. When these issues include sexual assault or relationship violence, faculty and staff members are expected to inform the designated campus Title IX officials.  For more information, see Responsible Employee section at:

    Definitions - Responsible Employee

    Employee Responsibility FAQs

    In some instances, faculty or staff members may also be a Campus Security Authority (CSA), a term used in the Jeanne Clery Act to describe someone who has significant responsibility for student and campus activities. CSAs are in positions that, due to the nature of their relationships with students, are more likely to receive reports from students who were victims or witnesses to a crime. This site outlines the responsibilities of CSAs.

  • Employee Guide for Responding

    See the resource below for more information about being a responsible employee when someone tells you they have been the target of relationship violence:

    Employee Guide