Sexual Assault & Relationship Violence

Victim Rights
Victims of crimes, including sexual assault or relationship violence, are entitled to certain rights. These rights include, but are not limited to being: treated with respect, informed about options, protected from retribution, and notified about the dispositin of the case.
Federal laws protect your right to pursue an education free from sexual violence and harassment.

Review the information below regarding confidential and private resources on campus, and the University response to reports of sexual and relationship violence.

  • Confidential Resources at IUPUI

    Confidential resources are available to provide support and advocacy for victims of sexual assault and relationship violence. You may contact these resources directly at:

    or contact IUPUI CAPS:
    Ask for Julie or Mike

    These confidential employees will not disclose your identity to University officials or law enforcement without your consent. In addition to providing support and advocacy, they can also inform you of your rights related to University policies and procedures and according to state and federal laws.

    Confidential employees will track the number of reports of sexual assault and relationship violence made to this office each month, and share these aggregate numbers to assist in prevention efforts and mitigate imminent threats to the campus community. YOUR identity will remain confidential.

    Health care providers are also Confidential Resources. On campus, this includes:

  • Private Resources

    With the exception of those identified as Confidential Resources, all other University employees (faculty, staff, student employees) must inform the campus Deputy Title IX Officer if you report that you have been the victim of sexual or relationship violence.

    Once this report has been made, you will receive information about campus resources and potential courses of action. It will be up to you to determine your next steps.

    In all cases, the University will work with you to protect your privacy by sharing information with only those who need to know. Learn more about the terms of confidentiality and privacy at:

  • Legal Protections

    Alleged victims of domestic and family violence are provided the additional rights under Indiana IC-35-40-5, if they choose to proceed with criminal prosecution.

      Indiana Law