Sexual Assault & Relationship Violence


There has been a great deal of recent national attention on the issue of sexual assault on college campuses. Tragically, the incidence of sexual and relationship violence among college students is not a new phenomenon. While Indiana University has long been committed to addressing these concerns, we are continuing to expand our efforts to make the IUPUI campus the safest possible environment for all students. Many of those efforts can be found through links on this page.

For those efforts to be effective, we need the help of the entire IUPUI community. Consider getting involved with some of our prevention and education opportunities and become an active participant in making IUPUI a safer place by learning bystander intervention skills. Additionally, if you have experienced sexual assault or relationship violence, it is important to know that you are not alone. There are many campus and local community resources dedicated to providing support. Please let us know how we can assist you.

If you have questions about the information contained in these pages, or are unable to find the assistance you are seeking, please contact one of us directly. It is our hope, that you will join us in the fight to end sexual assault and relationship violence.

Jason T. Spratt
Dean of Students
See the following pages for additional information:
  • Indiana University Commitment to Student Welfare

    As part of Indiana University, IUPUI is committed to addressing the incidence of sexual assault and similar crimes on college campuses. Specifically, we are committed

    • To take vigorous steps to prevent sexual assault and similar crimes through education and training, including education on the effects of alcohol on the issue of consent;
    • To help build in our community a robust culture that rejects such conduct and associated behaviors;
    • To encourage bystanders to intervene to avoid a sexual assault from occurring or to report such crimes to university officials or local authorities, and to fully account for such reports under federal law;
    • To support victims with full information about available resources, to assist victims in accessing resources, and at all times to exhibit personal care and concern to victims;
    • To investigate thoroughly and objectively all reports of sexual assault and other crimes, and to cooperate fully with local law enforcement and prosecutors;
    • To conduct university proceedings arising from sexual assault and other crimes with the highest degree of professionalism, assuring fairness and dignity to all participants.