Student Needs & Satisfaction

Student needs

The success of each student is impacted by several needs. Some of these needs include food, housing, finances, good health, recreation facilities, and mentorship services throughout the education cycle. We collect data on students through surveys and focus groups.

A student needs diagram with an illustration of a general person labelled with "Student Needs". Surrounding the illustration are 6 circles labelled: recreation, health, food, finance, housing, and education mentorship.


JagsSPEAK Surveys are designed to inform decision makers of timely, actionable information related to the strategic plan or key campus initiatives. Previous topics have included housing, campus safety, the Welcoming Campus Initiative, and library usage. The JagsSPEAK surveys are conducted in conjunction with the Division of Student Affairs and various units across campus with a focus on specific actionable decisions. Sometimes, we coordinate JagsSPEAK town halls where students can hear how the information is being used.


MyStudentBody offers a comprehensive approach to reducing the risk of drug and alcohol abuse and sexual violence among college students. MyStudentBody is available at any time all semester long, and it provides information on drugs, alcohol, sexual violence, and other health and wellness issues that can affect academic success. MyStudentBody Essentials is an online prevention education course intended for incoming students. It covers the three most significant behavioral risks new college students face: alcohol, illicit and prescription drugs, and sexual violence. Structured around a motivational self-assessment in each area, Essentials incorporates audio, video, and interactive tools and lessons to teach students key concepts and skills.

Student satisfaction

Through precise, specific, and detailed surveys, we are able to understand the satisfaction of our students at IUPUI as we offer programs, services, and updated facilities.

Illustration of what goes into student satifaction. Three smaller squares labelled "facilities, services, and programs", point down into one larger rectangular box labelled "satisfaction".