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Some topics are hard to grasp. That’s why we’re here to lend a hand. 

We don’t like to brag, but we do consider ourselves experts on a variety of topics, including health and wellness, leadership, various university policies, and sexual assault resources and prevention. That’s why we're happy to bring the information to you, your student organization, or your class. Our presentations, some of which can be customized to fit your needs, are offered for free throughout the school year.

Depending on the presentation, you'll learn from the Division of Student Affairs’ professional staff, trained student educators, or a combination of the two. No matter what, we’re confident you’ll walk away having obtained new skills in a fun and engaging way, and you’ll feel accomplished and ready to take the next steps toward a lifetime of success.

Please request presentations at least three weeks in advance so that we can be sure we meet your needs.

Civil Discourse (30 minutes)

  • Civil discourse is a key component of political engagement. You’ll learn about key issues related to local and national government, the impact you have when you vote, and what is required to institute change in an organization. 

Building a Culture of Change (60 minutes)

  • At times, groups can become comfortable in the status quo and think it is enough to be a functioning organization. Learn how to create a unified force and have your group shift toward positive and impactful change.

Experience IUPUI (25–30 minutes)

  • There’s so much to do at IUPUI, but how do you get started? This presentation helps you understand what involvement at IUPUI looks like and why it’s so important to your academic, professional, and personal success. We’ll teach you about our greatest campus traditions and how to use The Den. And you’ll still have time for a Q&A session.

Guiding Members Toward Engagement (60 minutes)

  • With varying degrees of involvement in an organization, it is important to analyze how each member is contributing. This presentation provides tangible solutions to sparking interest across an organization to improve group productivity.

How to Vote (30- 45 minutes)

  • Learn about the processes that are encompassed in voting. This presentation covers topics such as: researching issues and candidates, voter registration deadlines, voting in-person and mailing in your ballot.

Inclusive Leadership for Teams (60 Minutes)

  • Our staff and functional area employ leadership from an inclusive lens. Find out how inclusivity can benefit your student group and empower members beyond positional leadership.

Indianapolis Public Transit (30 minutes)

  • Public transportation is often avoided because of a lack of knowledge and fear of embarrassment. This topic breaks down how to use public transportation throughout the city.

Understanding Government (30 - 45 minutes)

  • Refresh on what parts make up our federal and local government. Learn about the responsibilities of elected officials throughout the multiple levels of government (federal, state, and local).

Alcohol Awareness (50–75 minutes)

  • Think alcohol runs rampant on college campuses? Everyone drinks, right? Think again. As part of this presentation, you’ll learn about alcohol use at IUPUI and in the larger society. You’ll come away understanding the presence of drinking on campus as well as the reasons people do and do not choose to drink. And if you’ve ever wondered what about blood alcohol content (BAC) and what exactly is considered a standard drink, we’ll answer those questions, too.

Healthy Eating and Nutrition (50–75 minutes)

  • If you don’t already have a healthy diet and lifestyle, there’s no time like the present to change that. Regardless of your current fitness level, you’ll gain the know-how for applying nutritional guidelines to your daily routine, including when dining on and off campus. You’ll also learn about eating disorders, their warning signs, and how to connect with campus support resources.

Sexual Health (50–75 minutes)

  • While sexual health encapsulates a wide range of topics, this presentation focuses on teaching you the basics of sexually transmitted infections (STIs). At the conclusion of the workshop, you’ll also know about the tests and resources available on campus as well as the basics of contraception.

Mindfulness (60–90 minutes)

  • Mindfulness practice is a proven method to manage stress, improve concentration, and practice compassion. In this presentation, you’ll develop a basic understanding of mindfulness. Brief experiential practices will help you to deepen that understanding and put you on the path to improved self-care.

QPR© Suicide Prevention Gatekeeper Training (60–90 minutes)

  • QPR—Question, Persuade, and Refer—is three simple steps anyone can learn to help save a life from suicide. When you train in QPR, you’ll learn how to recognize the warning signs of suicide so you can ask the question, persuade someone to live, and refer them to get professional help.

Recognizing and Responding to Mental Health Concerns (60–90 minutes)

  • Understanding mental health and its importance is increasing, but we still have far to go. As we work to reduce the stigma around mental health concerns, we offer this presentation to help you identify their common symptoms. You’ll also learn how to respond knowledgeably to individuals in a supportive way and to refer them to appropriate resources for additional help.

Stress and Time Management (50–75 minutes)

  • Learning how to cope with challenges in a healthy and effective way not only makes college life easier. It also makes your life easier today and after graduation. We’ll guide you through a reflection of what causes stress in your life and for others at IUPUI. Once we’ve identified those causes, we’ll demonstrate a variety of ways to help you handle those stressors and practice methods of relaxation.

Working with Individuals in Distress (90–120 minutes)

  • Distress can take many forms, so you’ll learn how to identify common signs of individuals in need of help. We’ll also teach you strategies for offering support and de-escalation techniques. And because you can’t be expected to solve every problem, you’ll learn how to connect the person with appropriate resources.

Escalation Workshop—Relationship Violence (90–120 minutes)

  • It can be difficult to spot the signs of relationship violence, even when you’re one of the people in that relationship. This workshop helps you understand relationship violence and teaches how to identify warning signs of abuse. To help promote healthy relationships, you’ll take part in guided discussion and a film.
  • The Escalation Workshop was created by the One Love Foundation in 2010 after Yeardley Love, a senior at the University of Virginia, was killed by her abusive ex-boyfriend. The One Love Foundation is dedicated to ending relationship violence through education.

Know the Issue: Sexual Assault Prevention Jeopardy (45–60 minutes)

  • Presented by CAPS, Health and Wellness Promotion, and the Office of Student Conduct
  • In this interactive game, you’ll gain greater understanding of the university sexual misconduct policy and how to report incidents of sexual misconduct. You’ll also learn best practices to support someone who discloses an incident to you. This is a great presentation for student leaders, teams, and student employees. For more information, contact the assistant director of interpersonal violence and response.

Responding to Sexual Assault and other Forms of Abuse (45–60 minutes)

  • Presented by CAPS, Health and Wellness Promotion, and Office of Student Conduct
  • It's important for everyone—student leaders, teams, employees, and community members—to know how to respond when sexual misconduct occurs. This presentation teaches you what consent is. It will also help you understand the difference between confidential and responsible employees, the reporting requirements and options for each, and how to interact with victims of relationship violence and sexual assault.

Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (90–120 minutes)

  • Conducted by CAPS, Office of Student Conduct, and Office for Equal Opportunity
  • As part of this workshop, you’ll learn the definitions of relationship violence, including domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking, as well as consent. You’ll also learn the signs of relationship violence and the role of bystander intervention in relationship violence prevention, gaining specific skills to increase your confidence to intervene during a crisis. Just as importantly, you’ll know how to respond when others disclose instances of relationship violence.

8 Dimensions of Wellness (50–75 minutes)

  • There’s so much more to wellness than eating right and exercising. This presentation will take you through the eight dimensions that contribute to your overall health. You’ll assess your own levels of health and wellness so that you can understand how they impact your quality of life today and in the future. Your training will also include strategies for improving your wellness in very real and practical ways.

Healthy Relationships (60 minutes)

  • What exactly is a healthy relationship? We’ll answer that question and more as it relates to both personal and professional relationships. You’ll learn important skills, such as how to communicate effectively with your partner, and gain the tools necessary for you to intervene in situations of relationship abuse. We’ll also discuss how the media portrays relationships and its impact on our success as friends, family, and partners.

Know the Code Overview (50 minutes)

  • You read the Indiana University Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Conduct when you enrolled at IUPUI. Now with this presentation, we’ll help you understand those rights and responsibilities. You’ll also learn to assess the choices you make every day and identify the consequences of your decisions, particularly those related to academic or personal misconduct, before you act. As a result of the Know the Code presentation, you’ll be able to recognize and act as a civil member of the IUPUI community.

Tailor your own workshop

Many of our units offer customized presentations based on your needs and on topics not listed above. Contact our professional staff directly to find out if they are available for a unique training just for your group.