Paw’s Pantry Services

Fuel up and focus 

We know how hard it is to concentrate when you’re hungry. You’re anxious about where your next meal will come from and you’re extra tired, even for a college student. Getting top grades might not seem like a high priority when you’re thinking about your basic needs. We want to reduce your worries by providing you with fresh, frozen, and nonperishable food. It’s time to fuel up so you can finish school.

All members of the IUPUI community are welcome at Paw’s Pantry. It doesn’t matter if you’re a student—undergraduate, graduate, international, on-campus resident, or commuter—faculty, or staff. If you are in need, we don’t ask questions and we won’t stop you. If you have a CrimsonCard, you can shop with us.

Thanks to our generous donors, you'll find foods to satisfy every meal—breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We even have snacks for those late-night study sessions and hygiene products.

Shop for your supper

When you come to Paw’s Pantry for the first time, we’ll ask you to fill out an online form. This short questionnaire collects some basic information so that we can continue to provide a helpful shopping experience to you. We'll also ask you to sign a release waiver.

Each time you shop, you’ll scan your CrimsonCard. Think of it as a digital hello.

It’s time to shop! Every item at Paw’s Pantry is marked with a color-coded sticker based on serving size. So that we can provide items fairly to all of our shoppers, we request that our shoppers stay within a designated limit during each visit. Our volunteers at the pantry will help you stick to your grocery list.

Paw’s Pantry reusable bags and regular grocery bags are available.

Just like any grocery store, you’ll need to check out. We don’t collect any money, though. We just want to make sure you selected items with the appropriate limit. We also need to see what you picked so we can track our inventory and keep our shelves fully stocked.