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The Cultural Arts Gallery features works from local and student artists, as well as others across campus. Some exhibits depict the beauty experienced in the artists' world, while others were created to make you think and see your own world differently. Discover the many ways art speaks at IUPUI.

Collections that opened your eyes

Our exhibits rotate monthly. Learn more about some of the more popular showings from recent years.

The Beautiful Scenes of China
Sponsored by the Confucius Institute in Indianapolis
February 2018
Featured images and items highlighting China’s beautiful and timeless scenery.

Military Tattoos at IUPUI
Created by Shelby Flora and Zach Carrico with support from the Office of Veterans and Military Personnel
November and December 2017
Featured photography highlighting the significance of military tattoos among IUPUI’s military and veterans, and confronting the negative connotations surrounding the body art.

Infinite Voyages: Ray Bradbury and the Space Age
Sponsored by The Center for Ray Bradbury Studies, part of the Institute for American Thought in the School of Liberal Arts
October 2017
Featured Ray Bradbury’s relationship with NASA and other artists who were inspired by Bradbury's passion for space exploration.

In an Instant
Created by Jessica Kartawich, Kara Heingartner, and Sebastian Martinkus
July 2016
Featured photos taken with Fujifilm Instax cameras to explore how each artist perceives the world through image-making.

See you at Punctuation Spire

The Campus Center features art everywhere. You’ll find photography, statues, and paintings throughout the building. One of our most iconic pieces is Punctuation Spire in the Atrium. Created in 1981 by William Crutchfield, a Herron School of Art + Design alum and Fulbright Scholar, it stands in the Atrium today as a popular meeting place for students and visitors.

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