Registered Student Organizations

Event information specific to Registered Student Organizations

Student organizations can reserve Campus Center spaces for free, so long as they are properly registered with the CUBE Student Organization Center.

To request space in the Campus Center, your student organization's designated reservationist will need to submit the event request via The Spot.

To do this, the designated reservationist will need to go to their organization's portal, then to the Events tab on the left, and then select "Create Event." From there, complete the form.

Members of student organizations are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the event and activity registration process through the resources provided by the  CUBE Student Organization Resource Center Team.


Student organizations must contact the CUBE Student Organization Resource Center and the Campus Center Event Services team to cancel their events.

Events cancelled prior to two business days of the event will incur no charges associated with the reservation. Reservations cancelled less than two business days prior to the start of the scheduled event will be assessed a $25 cancellation fee.

Campus Center 450

Due to the high demand and popularity of the Campus Center Multipurpose Room (450 ABC), in any combination, cancellations must be submitted no less than four weeks in advance during business hours

For student organizations, a $75 cancellation fee will be assessed if a reservation for 450 ABC is cancelled less than four weeks in advance.

No Shows/Failure to Cancel

Failure to cancel or show up for space will result in a “strike” earned against the student organization. After three strikes in any given semester, the student organization will forfeit all scheduled reservations and lose reservation privileges for the remainder of the academic year. 

To regain these privileges, a reinstatement fee of $100 will need to be paid in full within three days of receiving the invoice. Once the payment is complete, the strike system will start over and space may be reserved again. If an additional three violations occur, the reinstatement fee increases to $200.

In the event that nine violations are accrued in a semester/academic year, the registered organization will lose reservation privileges for an entire academic term. After one year, the registered student organization will be permitted to reserve space in the Campus Center.

Please contact the Event Services team for more information or with any questions you may have: 317-278-8511 or