Student Government

Graduate and Professional Student Government

The Graduate and Professional Student Government (GPSG) represents all graduate and professional students on the IUPUI campus. They work to promote the educational experiences, interests, and needs of these students.

They meet on the first and third Thursday of the month in the Campus Center.

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The Supreme Court of Student Government

The Supreme Court of Student Governance provides accountability and oversight of elections and government officers.

They work with the Office of Student Conduct as justices on the University Hearing Commission and include both undergraduate and graduate students.

You can uphold the community standards at IUPUI

The Hearing Commission is comprised of students, faculty, and staff who are trained in the IUPUI student conduct process and who are committed to facilitating student learning. Members of the commission foster and promote these ideals by upholding community standards, implementing The Code, and understanding the rights and responsibilities of members of the university community.

Student members of the University Hearing Commission play an integral role in educating their peers about the importance of promoting community, civility, and ethics within the IUPUI community. This experience is open to all IUPUI, IU Columbus, and IU Fort Wayne students. If you have any additional questions about this position please email us at

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