Undergraduate Student Government

Letting someone else decide where you go to college doesn’t work. Why would you let them make the decisions for you once you’re here?

You’re the reason IUPUI exists, so why shouldn’t you and your fellow students have a say in what happens at the university? Undergraduate Student Government (USG) gives you that voice. USG connects you directly with IUPUI administrators and the IU Board of Trustees. It takes your goals and concerns to the decision-makers so that you can make your college experience exactly what you want it to be.

We’re not all talk and no action, though. Representatives vote on key pieces of legislation. In fact, you have USG to thank for creating an interfaith prayer space in the Campus Center, promotional support and spirit for IUPUI Athletics, and continued student support in the creation of the Fitness Center. They’ve helped to fund several campuswide events such as Regatta and Jagathon, multicultural and heritage dinners, and African Student Association Annual African Night. If that’s not enough, you can also find USG on campus committees like the IUPUI Campus Center Partners, IUPUI Parking and Transportation Services Committee, and the IUPUI 50th Anniversary Committee.

When you represent the student body in USG, you gain leadership skills, become a better communicator, and improve interpersonal relationships. What future employer wouldn’t love that?

Student with hand in the air as if to ask a question in a forum.

Represent your school, your student org, yourself

If being a USG representative sounds good to you, then it’s time to step up. All Registered Student Organizations have at least one senator. Depending on your organization, you might be voted into the Senate or be appointed. As a senator, you’ll attend weekly meetings, cast important votes, and play a key role in crafting projects, events, and initiatives at IUPUI. The Senate also appoints and approves members of the executive board, committee directors, and other chair positions.

Getting started is as easy as a visit to The Den, where you’ll find more information on becoming a senator or seeking an executive leadership position.

Get governing

Still looking for your niche? USG holds elections for president and vice president each spring.